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Easy and Affordable Ways To Give Your Home A Fresh New Look

Change can be difficult when it comes to décor and home improvement. There are so many things to consider! What "vibe" do you want to present in your home. In other words, when someone walks into your home, what feeling would you love for your home to invoke. Warmth, comfort, relaxation and fun are all words that I aim to use when thinking of ways to decorate and amp up my home décor!

Here are a few easy ways to give your home a fresh facelift that will not take up an entire weekend! You can see in the above picture the curtains that I chose for my double set of doors that lead to a screened-in deck. Often times, you will see the sheer cinched top curtains adorning doors such as these and while that is a practical and affordable way to treat your window doors, it is not the most stylish and can appear outdated. Try some grommet panels that slide easily across for privacy and light control.

Another important point to remember when choosing curtains is pattern and color. You do NOT need to match your curtains perfectly to the room! My house is full of furniture and decor items that wouldn't traditionally go together but are pulled together in a way that adds character and works.

The picture above is the curtains I chose for our home office. The wall color is relatively dark so I knew I wanted lighter colored curtains that would add contrast. I chose a pattern that is grey and white and I think fits perfectly with the deep storm-colored walls.

In this bedroom, you can see I have a blue striped rug with yellow and white patterned, extra-long curtains. There is nothing about that sentence that should "work" but yet it just does!

You can mix patterns and stripes and even colors. Just do it in a way where only one or two items in a room are contrasting one another and use other areas to pull the two together. On this bed, there is very neutral bedding but there are throw pillows which pull in yellow and blue in a subtle way.

You may also just have a bold area rug, with neutral curtains or bold throw pillows and a neutral rug. The possibilities are endless! Have fun with decorating and making your space, your own. You do NOT need to spend a fortune to make your home look like you've spent a million bucks. Check out these home improvement ways to help you achieve just that!

I hope this has given you some ideas that you can take along with you as you embark upon all of your home improvement endeavors!

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