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Delicious Ingredients Delivered Straight To Your Door With Dinnerly #MBPWINTER18

Thank you to Dinnerly for product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

By now you've seen a whole host of companies circulating social media, bombarding you with "dinner delivery services" that promise to be easy, nutritious and cost efficient. If you haven't, you may want to check and be sure your home isn't a rock. What I've come to realize with these companies is that you seem to pay for what you get. Also, it helps to have a love for cooking but if you do not, you can still put together some rather impressive meals with simple instructions and healthy ingredients!

My personal experience today is with Dinnerly!

So, Dinnerly: 

Quality. Quantity. I liked it. There are many things I really liked about the dinnerly kit and I'll share those with you first. 

1. You get to choose which type of box you would like to have delivered (2-person box or family box) and choose your delivery date via the website.

2. The recipes are already planned each week, with 6 ingredients per dish, so you don't need to worry about coming up with a menu. The choices really provide something for everyone, even the little eaters in your home!

3. You can change your order with ease online. 

4. The ingredients really are as fresh and outstanding as they claim to be. 

The ingredients arrived promptly in a marvelously refrigerated box with ice packs that kept every piece of food perfectly cold. I was very impressed with the packaging. 

One of my recipes was a bacon and white bean stew. Above, is the fresh kale, onion and herbs I chopped to go into my stew. This recipe could not be easier. It starts with the base which is all of the delicious liquid from the cooked bacon and onion. You can't really go wrong from that point forward. Kale is new for me. I know, I know. I'm a pretty healthy person, but not "that" healthy, ha. Truthfully, I'm just a spinach and lettuce kind of girl so I've never really desired or felt the need to branch out to other leafy greens. Kale really holds up in this stew. It does not become mushy or fall apart. I was surprised at how well kale can actually hold it's own in a stew!

Here are the other two recipes I was able to re-create for my family and enjoy just as much:

Curried Chicken Drumsticks

Roasted Veggie Grain Bowl

There is a little something for everyone.

Currently, you can feed a family of 4, three times a week for $68.99 (including shipping). 

These are NO-FUSS meals that take 30 minutes to prepare.

There is minimal chopping and prep-work needed to create a fantastic, flavorful meal. 

You receive digital recipe cards via email that can be printed or viewed right on your device.


To sum up my feelings on Dinnerly: I really enjoyed it. It was exciting for me to have my grocery shopping done and all that was left was the fun part: cooking. I love to cook. I love to experiment. I love to use ingredients I may not have otherwise purchased. Brussels sprouts are not part of my weekly grocery shopping excursion, but in the veggie grain bowl, they just worked alongside the goat cheese and caramelized onions. 


You can discover for yourself the joy of cooking with Dinnerly. Check out their website and start building your menu!

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Thank you to Dinnerly for my family dinner kit to review. The experience was a joyous one!

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