A Guide to Feng Shui Water Fountains

One of the most popular types of feng shui remedies is feng shui fountains.  They are available in many different materials, sizes, and shapes.  There are numerous different uses for feng shui fountains - there are wall-mounted, free-standing, tabletop, and outdoor feng shui fountains, among others.

Using A Fountain For A Feng Shui Remedy  

In order to use a fountain as a feng shui remedy, it isn't necessary for the fountain to have an oriental appearance.  No feng shui remedies need to have an oriental appearance in order to provide effective feng shui energy!  

The best thing is when your feng shui remedy works in harmony with the decorating style of your home.

When it comes to feng shui, fountains are quite popular since they provide energy from the element of water feng shui.  Water is one of the important and ancient feng shui symbols of prosperity and wealth.

Another good reason to use an indoor fountain for feng shui purposes is that healthy negative ions will be diffused in the air by a working fountain.  Numerous indoor environments can benefit from having a feng shui fountain.  

How To Find The Best Placement

The following are the best feng shui bagua places for putting your feng shui fountain in:

North: Path in Life and Career area
Southeast: Money and Wealth area
East: Family and Health area

Where your feng shui fountain is located will be determined by your space's feng shui energy map or bagua, in addition to the interplay among the 5 feng shui elements.

When searching for the best feng shui placement for your fountain there are two main things that you need to consider:

According to Soothing Walls it is not recommended to put a feng shui fountain or water feature in the South area since a strong Fire element energy is needed by the South bagua feng shui area.  If you bring the fountain's Water feng shui element to the area of the Fire element feng shui (South), it creates bad feng shui as well as conflicting energy (in the 5 element cycle Water puts Fire down).   

Having a water feature inside of your bedroom is bad feng shui, no matter what feng shui part of your home that your bedroom is in.   The energy of sorry and worry is brought by the water feng shui element into the bedroom.  That is why it is considered to be bad feng shui to have a fountain inside the bedroom.

From a practical standpoint when purchasing this type of feng shui product, make sure you select a high-quality fountain that comes with a silent motor; in addition to a fountain that has a design that makes it easy to keep it clean.  Some feng shui stones and crystals can be placed in the fountain.  That will strengthen its beneficial energy (Sheng Chi).  There are also fountains that are available for sale that allow for certain essential oils to be diffused in the air.

When essential oils, stones, and crystals are used with your fountain, it can double the energy benefits that this popular feng shui remedy can provide.

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