3 Smart Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing During Viewings

Selling your home can be a fairly long process that takes months, maybe even years, before a buyer is found. Thankfully, speeding up the process isn’t impossible. Normally, it takes so long because you can’t find any interested parties. Loads of people view your home, but none of them leave feeling like it’s a good fit.

Keeping that in mind, I have a few clever little ideas that will help your home become more appealing during viewings. This will excite potential buyers and may lead to a quicker sale.

Remove All Signs Of Clutter

When you have children, you kind of have to accept that you also have a messy home. They leave toys and clothes everywhere, leading to loads of clutter. This is very unappealing to potential buyers that view your home. It’s hard for them to get a feel of how big and spacious your property is if there’s a mess everywhere. As such, it’s time to get cleaning! Remove all signs of clutter from your home and try to organize every room so it looks as spacious as can be. This makes your home way more appealing because people can properly visualize what it would be like if they lived there. Therefore, they have a greater chance of actually buying the property.

Get It Smelling Nice

The smell of your home could be putting people off buying it. If you have any pets or cook a lot of strong smelling meals, then you may have weird odors in your home. They don’t affect you because you’re used to them, but all the viewers can smell them and it’s unsettling. So, get your home smelling nice before any viewers arrive. One idea is to get yourself a home aroma diffuser like the ones shown on aromatech.com. They can fill your house with nice natural smells that make it more attractive. Another idea is to avoid cooking smelly food when you have viewings coming up. Also, take out any trash bags and empty your fridge to get rid of potential bad smells. A home that smells nice has a much better chance of selling than one that smells badly.  

Stay Out Of The House

Do you have a clean house that smells nice and is getting lots of potential buyers viewing it regularly? More to the point, are you still struggling to sell your home and haven’t received any bids? If so, then the problem could be you! It’s super awkward if you’re in your home when people are viewing it. They like to ask the estate agent as many questions as possible and might feel uncomfortable if you’re within earshot. Plus, it reminds them that other people live there, making it hard to get the thought of owning the house in their mind. When you know a viewing is coming up, try and find something else to do. Go shopping, take the kids to the park - just stay away and make your home a more attractive property.

By applying this advice you should find that your home becomes way more appealing, and you end up with lots of offers after viewings. This should help you sell quickly and avoid the stress of a sale that drags on for months.

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