Warm Up with Vegetable Soup #tastytip

It's been cold, wet and snowy here in NC the past couple of days.  I have had the hardest time warming up.  I love vegetable soup and I always feel like it warms me to the bones, so that was our Sunday dinner!  It is so easy to make and I always keep the ingredients on hand for this yummy dish!  
I make this soup in my crock pot and it is the most amazing smell to come home to after a long day.  I usually use beef tips, but a couple of times I have just used ground beef or turkey and it is good with both of these, too.  You can add or take away anything that you don't like.  It's so easy to adjust to what your family will enjoy.  It cooks on low in the crock pot for 8 hours. 

Ready to cook.


Beef tips or the meat that you choose. Cook before hand.
1 large can of tomato juice
1 container of beef stock ( I have used chicken before because I was out of beef and it was fine)
Any veggies that you want to add ( I usually do potato chunks, green beans, corn, peas, carrots)
I add one can of crushed tomatoes
You can also add pasta.  We do this sometimes because Aiden loves pasta in anything.

Not many leftovers!

I hope you will give this a try and that you enjoy it as much as my family does!  It is definitely a cold winter treat. 


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