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Unique Gifs for Car Lovers

Have a car lover in your life? It's fun to want to give them a fun car related gift for the holidays, but it can also be stressful trying to find them something that hasn't been done a million times over. Thinking outside of the box can be a challenge, but giving something that the recipient may never have thought of can make giving the gift even more exciting and fun- for them, and for you!
Here are a few clever gift ideas for car lovers to think about this holiday season.

Mobile Phone Holder
Okay, this one isn't that unique, but it is an important accessory for every driver to have. Most states have hands-free laws in place that prevent drivers from even holding a phone while driving. If this isn't a requirement in your state, you should definitely consider gifting a phone mount or holder. It'll free up the driver's hands and help keep them distraction-free while driving.

Car Apparel
You simply can't go wrong with motorsport t-shirts for a true fan!

Car Cleaning and Detailing Tools
Gifts like Brush Hero are awesome for guys (or gals) who love to baby their vehicles. They can really get to the undercarriage of their cars, and clean the wheels to a pristine shine with a tool like this one. Other cleaning items like wax, wash, leather care wipes, cloths and sponges make great gifts, too.

A Personalized Garage Sign
If your gift recipient loves their garage, why not help make it a fun, personalized space for them to enjoy all the more? You could gift a personalized sign to hang in the garage with their name or a fun phrase on it. You could even go so far as to gift them a DIY bar with barstools. Make a little hang out corner for them to relax at after they've been working hard on their vehicle. They can sit back and admire their hard work while knocking back a cold one.

Heavy Duty Car Mats
For those who love big vehicle or are prone to making messes in their cars, try gifting these cool one gallon car mats! They literally soak up a gallon of liquid! This is a great gift for anyone who lives in a snowy or rainy area, or transports messy kids in their car! 

Garage Fan
A garage fan is a great idea for anyone who loves to spend a lot of time out in the garage, working on their car. It'll help them stay cool in the summertime. If you're looking for tools to give as gifts, you should check out info and reviews from toolinsider. Tools are always a great way to go when it comes to giving a gift to a car enthusiast. Can't go wrong!

Tickets to a NASCAR Race or Auto Show
If your car lover is a big fan or racing or old cars, why not give them the exciting gif of tickets to a race or an auto show? You could even build in a fun trip around the event and make an even bigger gift out of it!

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