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Turn Cliche Into "Oh, YAY!" With Your Gifts This Christmas

It gets harder every year, doesn’t it? What do you get for your loved ones, your family and your kids this Christmas? It’s all too easy to tie yourself up in knots trying to think of a gift that’s fun but practical, decadent but necessary, naughty but nice or flashy but helpful… In short, the perfect Christmas gift. You don’t do yourself any favors either. All those spur of the moment and “just because” presents that you surprise people with just to let them know you love them. All those years of being a great giver have forged a cast iron rod for your back.

If the passing of the days is bringing with it an increasing sense of nervousness as the big day lurches ever closer… A word of advice! Maybe you don’t need to worry yourself sick trying to come up with a fun new gift. Perhaps it’s better to fall back on those old cliches, but make them seem new and unique with a fun twist…


Let’s take the bull of cliche firmly by the horns, shall we? The notion of socks under the tree is sure to elicit all kinds of responses from playful eye rolls to sincere moans of dread but the fact is that there’s far more to the gift of funky socks than you or your recipient may realize. From socks of unparalleled silliness to socks that actually redirect your body heat to keep your feet warm, socks are the most underrated of Christmas gifts.


Sure, it’s a cliche but you know who doesn’t love chocolate? Absolutely no-one. Chocolate is more than just a disposable foodstuff, for many, it’s an art form. The increased demand for bespoke, high end and artisan chocolates has seen chocolatiers display a level of invention that would make Willy Wonka blush. From liqueur chocolates that fuse warming spirits and dark chocolate ganache to vegan milk chocolates to chocolate works of art, there’s an affordable chocolate gift out there to wow just about anyone and suit any budget.


Again, boozy presents are kind of old hat but for the connoisseur, there can be no finer gift to show them how much you value their discerning tastes. A wine subscription is a great gift for those who adore wine but never have the time to go to a reputable negotiant and end up resigning themselves to the best they can get from the supermarket. If you really want to splash out, a vineyard tour is a fun and edifying experience that shows just how much science and hard work goes into the humble glass of vino. If you don’t want to buy the wine itself, a set of crystal wine goblets can be a great gift idea. Likewise, a crystal tumbler set is an ideal gift for those who take their whiskeys and brandies seriously.


In the cold weather, everyone will be grateful for a new pair of slippers to replace their tatty old ones. Whether it’s a fun pair of slippers in the shape of their favorite cartoon character or a high-end pair of self-heating battery powered slippers that can be worn outdoors, there’s a lot more wow factor in the humble slipper than you might think!

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