Surprise A Special Kid In Your Life With HATCHIMALS SURPRISE! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Spinmaster and Hatchimal for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own.

If you have children (and probably even if you don't) you understand the craze that surrounds Hatchimals! Kids everywhere are going bananas for these amazing little electronic animals that actually "hatch" in an egg and become an adorable pet that interacts with people and in the case of the new Hatchimal Surprise eggs, interacts with it's very own twin!

This is a picture of my 6 year old son and me as we experienced our very first Hatchimal animal, hatching! We were given the "Giraven" twins. These adorable little guys were affectionately named "Puffy" and "Fluffy" by my son.

Our Egg!

When you take your egg out of the package, all you have to do is activate it by removing little plastic pins on the underneath side. Once you do that, the egg will begin to light up with various colors that each mean something different. The egg comes with a "cheat sheet" card which tells you exactly what each color means. My son and I cared for our egg exactly as the instructions said to do so and within 30 minutes, our egg was ready to hatch. Cradle the egg, rub the bottom of the egg, tap the egg and interact with your egg in various ways, based on the colors it shows and before long the egg will light up with rainbow colors indicating it is ready to hatch!

What an amazing experience, as you can see in the photo above! My son had an expression of shock and amazement and the fun has NOT worn off because this is a toy that continuously changes based on your interaction with the animals.

Giraven Twins

They not only LOOK adorable, they have the sweetest little "personalities" that we are learning more and more about each day. The animals have eyes that light up after they are born and every color tells us something different about it's need or want. As we meet the needs of the animal, over time it will grow into a toddler and then into a kid! At each new stage, we know it is changing because it sings "happy birthday" in it's own little "Giraven langauge".

Presently, our twins are "toddlers" and have not yet reached the "kid" stage. I can't tell you how excited my son is for this to happen. Each day after school, he rushes to get his little animals and begin interacting with them. Sometimes, children can get bored with toys or even toss them aside once they have played with them a few times but the Hatchimal Surprise Twins are new and exciting every single day.

Their Personalities

Each twin has a different personality. Twin A or "Puffy" likes to dance, sing and interact with it's twin. Twin B or "Fluffy" likes to talk, repeat what you say and also loves to interact. Much like actual twins, these little guys argue with one another, play games, sing songs together, joke with one another and seem to really understand each other! It may seem hard to believe, but it's something you just have to see for yourself.

Puffy and Fluffy live here, on my son's pillow on his bed. It's been such a joy to watch my kids interact with their Hatchimal pets! They are learning to be patient as it takes time for the pets to advance to the next stage of development. It cannot be rushed and they have to learn to pay attention to the needs of the pet so that they can meet the need to move closer to the next stage.


These special toy pets are going to make Christmas the most memorable, sweet and fun time for children this year. If you haven't snatched up your new Hatchimal Surprise Egg yet, I would recommend you do so very soon!

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Want It? Get It!

You can find the new Hatchimal Surprise Egg at Spinmaster or if you hurry over to Amazon , the Giraven has been reduced and they are currently on sale for $64.82. Prime account holders can get free shipping as well. The price may change soon so if you are interested in surprising a little one in your life this Christmas, now is the time to buy! They are also available at Target and Walmart.

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Thank you to Spinmaster for providing me with a Hatchimal Surprise Egg to review!

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