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My husband grew up in the house we live in. It was not his primary residence growing up but the modest 900 square foot ranch home served as a living space for his grandfather when he was working on the farm. That almost always included my husband by his side and he was told from an early age that this house was his. Fast forward to 2006 and my husband took over responsibility for the house that was in dire need of some love and just a short eleven years later this house has more love and blessings than we ever thought possible. 

I remember thinking shortly after we were married (and again after baby showers) about sending out thank you notes to those that had given us gifts.  Even with a masters degree, I felt out of place with this social etiquette. Growing up my family didn't write thank you notes, send Christmas cards, or bake meals for those with a medical need. I have awesome parents and a fantastic childhood but these were not things that I was taught how to do. The same goes for cooking. I learned most of my cooking lessons in college by following recipe books. I would have loved to have the Red Copper Flipwich and Brownie Bonanza back then!

Bulbhead specializes in researching innovated products and organizing them on one easy to find website. With so many choices these days on various products you can trust Bulbhead to find the best products for all of your needs.

My Red Copper Brownie Bonanza is amazing! It took a few minutes for me to read the directions, which I highly recommend, and then it was very easy to use. Once you use it once the process is easy to repeat with various other recipes that are not brownies. A handy recipe book is also included with the Brownie Bonanza that gives some excellent suggestions for lemon bars, pizza bars, etc. 

The best thing about the Brownie Bonanza is how each brownie is perfectly portioned and has crispy perfect edges. My family no longer has to race to the kitchen when the brownies are cool to get the corner brownie as they all have the same edges. The perfectly equal portions are also a win-win for this educator and mom that feels like I'm constantly baking goods for one fundraiser or another. 

The Red Copper Flipwich was equally as loved in our house but took a bit more practice. The Flipwich does require some seasoning before it is ready to use. Following the directions on the seasoning is fairly easy but was not something we thought we would have to do before using so we had to push back our first use until after the seasoning was complete. Once we were able to use it we enjoyed making paninis and our favorite was making pizza pita pockets (as seen in the picture). Using a pita pocket full of sauce and all of our favorite pizza goodies was amazing and less work than committing to a full pizza. 

Red Copper Brownie Bonanza & Red Copper Flipwich 
$19.99 each 

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Special thanks to Bulbhead for providing products for review! 


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