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Last Minute Ideas for Stocking Fillers This Christmas

With christmas fast approaching, there’s a good chance you’ll be in one of two camps;
either, you’re prepared and ready like the person that gets to the airport a few hours early
before their flight with all their toiletries in a clear plastic bag; or you’ve put things off and are
leaving things to the last minute for a mad dash.  If you can relate to the latter you might want to
check out the 2017 Christmas Gift Guide if you’re still yet to find If you’re looking for some
inspiration.  This article, however, covers last minute ideas for stocking fillers.

We all remember the feeling, as a child, of waking up in the morning to see whether Santa
had been to enjoy the treats we left out, and we all had rituals, that perhaps we still do with our own
children; whether that’s leaving mince pies for Santa and carrots for his reindeers, or hiding presents
around the house.

The one thing most households have are Christmas stockings, once traditionally filled with coal
and clementine -- they are now filled with all sorts of treats ranging from expensive gadgets
to cheap and cheerful gifts to bulk out the gifts to give our loved ones.  Here are three suggestions on last minute gifts to put in your family’s Christmas stocking.

You can find customisable metal coins from MilitaryCoinsUSA that are great for children
of military personnel and those aspiring to join the military themselves; though they are custom made,
so technically they could be about anything from the scouts to the fire brigade.  
This cheap and cheerful gift is a good way to give a child a sense of pride and authority,
or better still, a sense of responsibility; however one would suggest they are not to be confused
with the golden foil wrapped chocolate coins hung on the christmas tree!

Traditionally, there are two small gifts we dread receiving; talcum powder and bath products -
however, there are a variety of natural bath products, such as those offered at Lush that
are highly impactful little treats suitable for all the family.  You can also make your own
bath products such as fizzy bath bombs that explode in the bath; kids love these as it’s like
a firework show in the bath.

Whilst, in Victorian times, people would have been perfectly content with a clementine
in their stocking, today, we have a greater expectation in terms of the gifts we receive and the
effort that goes into them.  That’s not to say you can’t make edible treats such as cookies,
biscuits and even homemade jams - as this personal touch of the extra ‘homemade’ effort is
appreciated by people of all ages.

So, there’s three cheap and easy suggestions to fill out those Christmas stockings this year; as with most things in life it’s the thought that counts.  Too often we get consumed
with the consumerism that Christmas has now become associated with, but it’s not necessary
to break the bank in order to deliver a wonderfully warm and festive christmas experience.

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