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How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Orderly While You Cook

When it’s time to put your chef hat on and cook up a meal at home, things can get quite messy. Without the right kitchen supplies and preparation, a clean kitchen can easily be transformed into an explosion of ‘messiness’ before you know it! This is especially true when you’re doing things in a hurry; spills and splashes are inevitable while dirty pots, pans and kitchen tools start to pile up in the sink. What’s strange, though, is that some individuals are so engrossed in cooking that they don’t realize how dirty and messy the kitchen is getting in the process. Some of you, on the other hand, are probably aware of it but choose to carry on as you typically do.

What you need to know is that the condition of your kitchen (while you cook) is well within your control. It’s just a matter of keeping things clean and in order by being prepared, aware and taking a few, necessary measures as you go about cooking. This will also help you work efficiently and reduce your post-cooking cleanup. Check out the tips below to help you do just that!

The Preparation Before ‘Cooking Prep’

To start off on the right foot, you need to make sure everything is in order. This means the sink is free of dirty dishes, the counters aren’t cluttered with unwanted items and your stovetop is cleaned (added spills to an already dirty stovetop makes it harder to clean). Apart from this, you should take out the required ingredients, kitchen tools and utensils so that you aren’t scrambling for anything while the stove is on.

If you don’t have a designated bowl/container for vegetable peels or waste, consider keeping one on the counter and line it with newspaper. This saves you the time and trouble of opening the bin every now and then to dispose of waste. Lastly, in a bucket, make a soapy solution of water and dish soap in which you can soak dirty dishes and kitchen tools. This will make cleaning the dishes much easier and quicker later.

Keep Clearing as You Go

Many home cooks make the mistake of allowing their counters to get cluttered which leads to chaos in the kitchen! The best way to keep your cooking station in order is by clearing it of items that you don’t need to use again. This includes ingredients, pans, kitchen tools, etc. By putting ingredients away and used items in the bucket, you will be able to pick up things without having to search through the clutter. You can also check out the best cookware sets from The Home Makers Journal for your kitchen and organize them in proper way.

Dampen a Kitchen Cloth/Towel to Wipe Your Hands

Greasy fingers end up all over your refrigerator door, cabinet handles and stovetop knobs. The problem here is that if you simply rinse your hands with water, the grease will not come off. This means you need to wash your hands with soap every now and again. In this case, you end up using too much water, soap and time! The simpler solution is to wipe your hands on a damp kitchen towel/cloth to keep your hands clean as you cook.

Wipe Up Spills ASAP

Caroline, Cleaner at Simply Maid says “If you spill something on your counter or the floor, not only will sitting time make it harder to clean, but it’s likely to get smeared or spread around as you continue to cook.” Therefore, we suggest you clean up spills immediately, sprinkling a little water over the area and wiping it up with paper towels, if needed. In case of spills or splatters on your stovetop, it’s not always possible to wipe them up immediately because of the heat; instead, spray a little water over the spill so that it is easier to clean up when the stovetop has cooled down.

Clean the Dishes When Time Permits

You’ll have a bit of time to do a few (if not all) dishes after you’ve reduced the heat and your meal is cooking. If you’ve got a dishwasher, loading it won’t take up much of your time which means you can get other kitchen cleaning done as well. Use this time to clear and wipe your counters and clean up any overlooked spills/stains. Don’t forget to clean your stovetop as soon as it cools down so that you won’t have to do it before you cook your next meal.

Don’t let chaos take over your cooking experience any longer! Use the tips above to keep your kitchen clean and in order while you cook up a hearty meal!

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