How to Gift a Car for the Holidays

We've all seen the commercials with gorgeous new cars donning big, beautiful bows and being given as Christmas gifts. Many of us may scratch our heads at the idea, but the truth is- there are actually a good amount of people who gift cars during the hoidays. Whatever the reason, gifting a car is a wonderful gesture, be it for someone in need, or for a friend or family member. There's definitely a right way to go about gifting a car, and if it's been something that you've been thinking about, read on to find some great tips!

Surprises are nice, but cars are not recommended as 'surprise' gifts.
Back to those car commericals... some of them are so sweet, romantic, or even heartwarming when a teen driver is gifted their first car, but surprising someone with a car isn't the best idea. Why not? Glad you asked... you can't take it back and exchange a car for a 'larger size,' a different color, or someting with more bells and whistles. Once it's purchased, it's purchased, and it immediately begins to lose value.

If you're going to purchase a car for someone, clue them in, and let them be a part of the process. If you're buying for a spouse or partner, perhaps an aging parent, etc., you'll absolutely want to include them in the decision-making when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Most every driver is very particular about the type of car they are comfortable driving, and even though a different make/model might look amazing, it just might not suit their needs as a driver.

Don't go 'car shopping' with the gift recipient. Sit down and talk through the process and do research together online. It's the easiest way to strike out the cars that just don't make the cut according to the list of wants/needs. Set a budget, and stick to it. Once you've narrowed it down to your top three makes/models, then you can take a trip to the dealership and set up a test drive with the gift recipient.

If you're buying for a child (teen/young adult)... you really have the final say on what's purchased. Sure, you'll want them to be happy with the purchase, but their safety should be your top priority, and theirs, as well. Don't forget about the insurance, and be sure to have a talk with your child about who will be assuming the responsibility of tags, fees, title, and insurance, as well as any maintenence and upkeep.

Be prepared to give another gift on Christmas- even if it's just a little something. Chances are, the actual purchase of a new car will either take place before or after Christmas, so you'll still want to have a little something to give to the car recipient on Christmas Day, It's always nice to have a little something to open. You could make the gift car related- like a gift certificate to the local car wash, personalized floor mats, etc.

Gifting a car for Christmas doesn't have t obe super tricky. Just do the legwork and go about it the right way so that no one winds up disappointed or upset.

Happy gifting!

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