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Fun and Educational: Gifts To Inspire The Family to Learn

Now, when it comes to Christmas presents, it’s understandable that most people tend to veer towards the fun and cool, or whatever happens to be in style that year. There is another option, however, and that is to buy a present that A. is fun B. they’ll love, and C. ensures they will learn something at the same time! Below, we take a look at a few gift ideas that will teach your family members a thing or two...and they might not even realise they’re learning.

An Experience

The best way to learn, they say, is by doing. If that’s true, then one of the best ways to get your family to learn is to get them out of the house and doing something fun! No matter where you live, there will be plenty of fun, educational attractions located nearby. It might be a site of historical interest, a fun interactive museum, or just a stunning national park. Whatever it is, the whole family will enjoy their day out - who doesn’t love days out? - and they’ll be drip-fed knowledge at the same time. As a gift to the family, consider an annual pass to one of the attractions near you.

Natural Wonders

And it’s not just in the field where people can learn about - and be inspired - the natural world. Plenty of gift ideas will achieve the same, and, most importantly, they’ll be able to keep it near to them in the home. Take a look at Buried Treasure Fossils, and you’ll be able to select from a wide range of fossils on offer. It’ll be hard not to foster an intense interest in dinosaurs when you have a genuine dinosaur tooth on display! If you have a family member who’s crazy about space, then consider buying them a star: it’s more commemorative than legally binding, but it’s pretty cool to look up in the night sky and think: “one of those twinkling stars belongs to me!”

Any Book

Books continue to be underrated gifts. And there might be something to that; because you can’t play with them or wear them like you can with other gifts! But don’t be put off from buying books as presents, because these are slow burners. The appreciation might not be immediate, but it’ll have long-term benefits. In three months or however long it takes to sit down to read it, the present will be given a new, lasting lease of life.

Online Subscriptions

People are prone to spending their entire online existence browsing Facebook and other time-wasting websites. Why not put their online time to good use by gifting them a subscription to a website that’ll both enjoy and be inspired by? If you’ve got a budding intellectual in your family, buy them a pass to the New Yorker.

Their Passion

Ultimately, buying a gift that delights and educates is about keeping their passion in your mind when you’re buying a gift. Whatever they’re interested in, they’ll be a gift that helps them learn and understand it deeper.

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