Don't Miss Out on Peace and Joy this Holiday Season

I've been feeling sort of Scroogey lately. I love the Christmas season, but this year, it comes with much more stress than I'd like to admit. I am used to feeling on top of my game at all times, and this year, I just feel tired... burnt out. My kids have been sick multiple times this fall, and just the other day, I couldn't get out of bed, thanks to a shared 24 hour stomach virus. One step forward, seven steps back.

I feel like I'm disappointing people, and myself. I've been short with my spouse, dissinterested in activities outside of the home, and haven't been showing much of an interest in the lives of my friends, either. If I stay in my own bubble, maybe my stress will melt away and perhaps things will start to change. If I could just have about 24 more hours in an already very full day, maybe I could get some things done. Maybe I could accomplish my work, Maybe I could keep my house clean. Maybe my husband and I could get ahead.
Maybe I could sleep for more than four hours a night. Oh, how I miss sleeping.

My holiday visions of sipping cocoa and wrapping gifts while listening to Christmas music are rudely interrupted by the reality of my life- piles of laundry, screaming kids, and a workload that never seems to end.

The holidays aren't supposed to make anyone feel this way. They're supposed to be joyful. I'm supposed to be waiting with hope and expectation, with open palms, instead of clenched fists and an anxiety-laden heart.

When I look at my kids, though, they remind me what this season is all about. My son is quick to tell me that Jesus is the greatest gift that mankind could ever know. My adorable daughter smiles an infectious smile, and reminds me to take time to enjoy the little things... because the little things are really the biggest and best things in life. 

Are you where I am today? Are you desperate for things to slow down just so you have a minute to come up for air? Friend, take the time to enjoy the holiday season. Even if you just give it a few minutes a day, I emplore you to find the time to do just that. Don't let the season slip away without experiencing love, peace, and joy- after all, it's all around us.

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