Best Dressed: Preparing Your Teen For Prom In Plenty Of Time

At this time of year, it might feel a little early to be thinking about prom. You may be busy with the holidays coming up, but before long, you’re going to find yourself relaxing a little bit and maybe even with some time to kill. And so it’s the perfect time to be planning out prom with your teen. Before long, you’re going to be back in the swing of your weekly routine, and your teenager is going to be buried under school books. So, you may not have as much time to plans things out with them as soon as the new year kicks off. But by starting now, not only can you get ahead, but you’ll have plenty of time to ensure that things are exactly how they want them.

Find Their Theme

When you’re sat on the couch together watching endless Hallmark holiday movies, why not start thinking about the kind of theme they want. They may or may not know the overall theme of their prom at the moment, but either way, they can easily start thinking about the look they want to go for. Maybe it will be something classic and classy, or a more modern design? Regardless of what they want, it’s the first step they need to take towards making a decision.

Research Styles

As part of the theme discovery or as the next step, you may find that it’s a good idea to research the kind of styles that are available. You’d be surprised by the number of prom dresses 2018 that are already available. And you’re never too early to have the right dress. So start looking now, because it could take your teen months to find something that she loves.

Try Things On

Then, she’s going to need to try things on. But because you’ve already started looking, you’ve got plenty of time to get it right. Although you might like to book an appointment in a store to find the right dress, you should also think about ordering online. Remember, you do have plenty of time, so it’s not going to be an issue to order a whole bunch of dresses and send them back if they’re not right.

Book In The Beauty

But it’s not just the dress that you can start to think about sorting, you also have the beauty to be thinking about too. Not only should she start looking for prom hair and makeup ideas that she might like to go for, you can also find the right person for the job. Hair stylists and makeup artists are always going to get booked up quickly, so make sure you get in there first for your preferred appointment times.

Arrange Their Car

Last but not least, you’ve also got their transport to think about. Because she’s definitely going to want to arrive in style. Whether you’re going to drive her, or she wants to rent something classic, you should definitely consider your options ahead of time so that you know they can get what they want.

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