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Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin with Ikotton #MBPHGG17

I was offered a chance to sample Ikotton products in exchange for my honest review.   All thoughts are my own.

I have always been one that finds undergarments uncomfortable because as I grow wider the length of the items does not fit my body type.  My friend, Donna, introduced me to Ikotton and I can tell you I will never go back to standard camisoles or panties.  

Why Ikotton? 

1.  No Wire
2. Organic Cotton
3. Designs and cuts designed to accentuate all body types
4. 1% of every dollar spent is donated to environmental programs

Ikotton Styles/Sizes
V-Neck Camis- Tank Camis
Available in Ice Gray, Sky Blue and Pearl Pink
Sizes xs-xl

Hipster, Bikini, Boy shorts, and briefs
Available in Ice Gray, Sky Blue and Pearl Pink
Sizes xs-xl

Be comfy and confident in organic cotton” (Ikotton.com)

My Impression

We all know that women and girls come in all shapes and sizes.  The camisoles offer the support needed without the restrictions of a bra and the panties feel almost like a second skin.  I found that there are no pantie lines or misshapen padding that makes your body look anything but natural and beautiful.  A huge bonus for me was that the small amount of padding in the camis is removable without diminishing or ruining the look of the cami.  

I am a plus size woman who tends to feel uncomfortable with the way undergarments add layers and cause my outer clothing to fit.  I did not have this issue with my Ikotton panties and cami.  The material was not irritating to my sensitive skin and the cami was able to be work under a light sweater without being too sheer.  I can say I am a fan and plan to order more. For those looking for something super feminine and comfortable, go with a Sri Lankan panty. You will love the smoothness of the fabric and how many beautiful fabric and color options there truly are to chose from.

Want it? Get it!

Visit Ikotton to purchase a variety of women's and girl's undergarments.  
Or Visit Ikotton through Social Media

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