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When everything gets quiet.

I was born and raised in North Carolina and throughout my life non-North Carolinians love to make fun of our reaction to snow. I get it, we get a threat of an inch of snow and we race to the grocery store to purchase enough milk and bread to keep us eating milk sandwiches for weeks. 

We will close schools for a dusting of snow that will surely be melted in a few hours. The snow doesn't usually arrive in North Carolina, if at all, until February or March. We anticipate its arrival and eagerly stay glued to the weather report. Students (and teachers) dance to the sound of the automated call signaling the cancellation of school.  

My favorite part of these unexpected days off is how the world seems to slow down. There is no amazing race to get to or finish. There are only pajamas, waffles, coffee, blankets, reading books to my babies and cuddles on the couch. These unexpected days are a sweet blessing and remind me of Christmas break as a child and I'm fortunate to enjoy these days as a teacher as well. 

One of the many many benefits of being a teacher is an extended Christmas vacation. At least in North Carolina, we can assume that we will have an estimated two weeks off for Christmas.  This will be my daughters first Christmas and my son's fourth Christmas.  My son's excitement this year is contagious, so much so that we decorated earlier than usual. We spend our car rides discussing where our elf might hide next and how amazing Jesus is and how we can't wait to celebrate his birth. 

This December, I will be resisting creating my to-do list and will enjoy the sweet moments of my babies childhood. 

What are you most excited about this December? 


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