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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Mommy Needs a Hazmat Suit

Happy Saturday and first weekend of November! I am feeling a little overwhelmed about this weekend because there is so much to do, but 3/4 of the Wigglesworth crew is feeling a little bit under the weather. R has been struggling with a horrible cough thanks, in part, to inconsistent fall weather. D got through most of the week without issue, but started coughing late Thursday evening. When you have 2 kids, nothing is worse than when they are both not feeling well. Actually, there IS one thing worse.

What can be worse than two sick kids?

If you have 3 or more kids, your answer is going to be different than mine. For me, nothing is worse than 2 sick kids except 2 sick kids plus a sick and injured husband. I love my husband. He is one of the toughest people I know, but when he is sick (and/or injured) I cannot stand him. He'll work all day, sick as a dog, just powering through. You know what happens when he comes home? He's a big ole baby. I love taking care of my family, but when they're all sick at once it's pretty exhausting.

Focusing on some positives...

As tired as I'm feeling right now, and that's pretty tired, this week hasn't been all bad. That fact gives me some hope for this weekend. My Gram FINALLY came home from Florida on Thursday. She also celebrated her 90th birthday yesterday!  The girls and I helped pack a few shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child last night and got to see some pretty great views of the night sky on our way down to the "packing party".   

I think today I'll try to focus a little less on what could go wrong and focus a little more on what could go right. First, though, I think I'll have to find a hazmat suit, so that I don't get sick too, because what on Earth would happen then? 

Hope you have a nice, cootie free, weekend! 

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  1. Hope they all feel better soon! and I hope you dont get sick. Happy birthday, Gram!!!


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