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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Double Digits Eve

Happy Saturday! The weekend has finally arrived and in just a few days we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving. Before that though, the Wigglesworth crew will be celebrating a very special occasion, our first born will be turning DOUBLE DIGITS! 

This week was a really stressful one for me. I've been a little more emotional than I would have thought at the idea of my daughter turning 10. She's been counting down the days since we turned the calendar to November and now that it's super close (tomorrow) I'm filled with excitement for her, but I'm also feeling a little heartbroken at how quickly this milestone has come. 

D Last Year at Her 9th Birthday Party!

How We're Celebrating the Big Ten

This weekend will be pretty quiet. Since D will be turning 10 the weekend before Thanksgiving, we've decided (with her input) that we will have her birthday party in December. We will be celebrating as a family, of course, but her "friend party" will be held later on. Today, we'll be going to the movies to see the new Thor and/or Justice League movies and tomorrow we'll be celebrating at "Spaghetti Grandmas" house. 

We hope you have a great weekend!


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