Turning One Room Into Two

If you're lucky enough to have a big house with plenty of rooms in then you don’t have to worry about getting the most out of the space. You’ve got a room to suit every purpose. Most of us aren’t that lucky though, and when you’ve got a big family you’re probably struggling for space. It would be lovely to have a home office area or a games room for the kids, but there just isn’t space. Or so you think. You can make the space for these things if you change the way you think about a room. It doesn’t have to be used for just the one thing, it can be multi-purpose. You’re already doing this in rooms like the kitchen so why not try it elsewhere in the house? Here are some great tips on turning one room into two.


Corners are probably the most underused space in a house, but they open up a lot of possibilities to you. If you put a wardrobe or a set of drawers along one wall, that’s a pretty big chunk of the room that’s being taken up. However, if you use a corner unit, you minimize the amount that’s been taken up and free up that space for other things. A corner desk is a particularly good way to create an office in a room that’s already being used for something else.

Moveable Furniture

When you’re choosing furniture to go in the room, putting in a big sofa is going to limit what you can do with it quite a lot. If you need to move it and create more space, it’s going to be a hassle every time. However, if you get beanbag chairs from Sack Daddy, it’s so quick and simple to rearrange the room in seconds. Being able to easily create more space in different areas of the room is one of the most important things when it comes to making it multi-purpose.

Pull out tables are another good choice because you can use them as a larger dining table if you need it but most of the time it can be folded away into a small coffee table. If you are going to put a sofa into the room, why not make it a sofa bed? That way you can use the room as a lounge area and a guest room at the same time.

Look Upwards Not Outwards

The reason that the skyscraper was invented is so we could create huge amounts of floor space without actually taking up much room at all. You should use the same logic when it comes to room design. Instead of furniture that runs along an entire wall, put in storage that is taller rather than wider. Bunk beds are a great option for a kids room as well because you can literally double the amount of floor space that they’ve got with that one simple change.

These simple rules can help you to easily create a multi-purpose room that doubles the space in your house.

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