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Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Car

How often do you typically buy new vehicles? Our family tends to drive them until they are no longer driveable. Both my husband and I have had good examples of caring for cars, and making the most of vehicle purchases, from our parents and grandparents. Now that we're parents, we see the iportance in taking proper measures to make sure our vehicles are running smoothly at all times. After all, keeping our kids safe is the most important thing in the world to us.

We've been talking about making a trade and updating one of our cars, but I often become weighed down with worry over what I read based on my own 'research.' I've learned not believe everything I hear or read, and have debunked some myths regarding buying a new car.

Take a look at the Top 5 Myths About Buying a New Car...

#1 Pay Cash for a Better Price
While being able to pay cash for a car is amazing, it's not always going to get you the deal of your dreams. Some companies do offer special discounts for those who pay in cash, but some dealerships will actually make more money if you sign up to lease or finance your new vehicle, which allows them to give you a better deal on the overall price of the car.

#2 Waiting Until the End of the Month to Make Your Purchase Will Get You a Better Deal
This may or may not be true. In most cases, yes- dealerships always have monthly goals and quotas to meet, but you'll have no idea whether or not they've met them or are close to meeting them near the end of the month. Don't stress over it- you won't really know whether or not you're getting a better deal by waiting. It's anyone's guess.

#3 Special Ordering Will Cost Much More
In most cases, this is untrue. A good friend of mine wanted a top of the line vehicle, and actually went to Sweeden to purchase it. The company bought her plane ticket, put her in a hotel, and paid the transfer fee on the vehicle, plus, she saved money by ordering exactly what she wanted and got to tour Sweeden for a few days on the company's dime while she waited for her new car! Okay- that's like, a dream scenario, but the point is, you can order exactly what you want and get it when you do a special order on a new vehicle. It might mean you have to wait a little longer to get it, but it just might be worth it!

#4 A Lower Purchase Price or Monthly Payment Means You're Getting a Better Deal
Yes and no to this one. Look at the overall purchase price of the vehicle- the whole package, and try not to get hung up on just one number (i.e. the monthly payment). Keeping monthly payments low will be important, but just keep in mind that cutting the monthly number down probably means that you're making up for it somewhere else, like in interest payments.

#5 You Can Only Have Your Car Serviced at the Dealership You Purchased it from
Not true. Not true at all. If this were the case, I'd be taking my car out of state to have it serviced, that would be just plain impractical. Now, the dealership might be the only place that you can have certain things done, especially if you have a lot of bells and whistles on your car. Electronic issues are not easily fixed at a mom and pop car repair shop which probably doesn't have the proper tools to keep up with modern car technology. Take your vehicle wherever you feel treats you right, and does a great job. You may find another dealership that you like better or is closer to where you live. It's always nice to try to start out at the dealership you purchased the car from, though. From there, you can gauge whether or not it's practical for you to continue to have it serviced there.

What are some of the car myths that keep you on your toes?

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