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Tips For Easing Pain For Sore Feet On The Job

Numerous jobs require being on your feet for long periods of time.  Following a long day of continuous pounding, everything may hurt from your toes to your heels.  Whether you are a construction worker, sales person, a chef, a food server or nurse, you know precisely what I mean: having sore feet while on the job. There are some people that might have specific conditions such as Tarsal Tunnel syndrome, Morton's neuroma and plantar fasciitis.  Some people might experience tingling, throbbing, itching, burning, numbness and aching.  But it doesn't matter how much your feet might hurt, you have to continue working.  In order to be able to be on your feet feel all day long, here are some useful tips to help you ease the pain.  

If the job you have requires that you stand in a small area or one spot for hours at a time, you might want to look into getting a special floor mat.  Having an added layer of cushioning in between the cold, hard ground and your feet can keep your feet happy as well as your entire body. Chefs especially recognize how value having a high quality floor mat can be.  Any professional kitchen you were to look into you most likely would see people standing on mats.  The most popular kind appear to be gel mats.  Maybe your house or work station could use a few?

However, if you have to cover some ground and are on the go, then a floor mat is kind of impractical since it doesn't move along with you.  This is why so many individuals that have sore feet on the job use shoe insoles.  The 2 ounce Miracle Insole is one that many people value.  Some like Spencer For Her Total Support Insole for its gender specificity.  Compared with how much a decent pair of shoes cost, the insoles offer a very affordable solution to having sore feet while on the job.  Unfortunately, insoles are not designed to last for over three months when used heavily or with moderate use for more than six months.  When combined with a solid, supportive shoe, your insoles will feel even better and last longer.   

Having good shoes is definitely worth every cent when you are needing to spend lots of time on your feet and you are on the move a lot.  The Rocker Bottom Soled Shoe is very important and valuable.  Numerous hiking boots and walking shoes have the rocker-bottom built in the shoe's forefront or front.  For a majority of individuals, all they need to have is a decent pair of either dark or white walking shoes.  For people who need a safety boot or shoe, check into ones that have curved soles.  The sole's curvature reduces how much stress is  placed on the ligaments and joints in the foot due to the curvature rolling the foot as the heel strikes the ground until the toes lift off.  

The Toning or Shape-up Shoes like these Vionic shoes come with a rocker bottom that covers the whole area from toe to heel.  These shoes do tend to be completely misrepresented, and do have value for people with very sore feet while working, particularly those suffering from Morton's Nueromas.  There was one woman who said this about her experience with wearing Shape-up Shoes:

"My right foot has Morton's Neuroma and it has been painful to walk due to pressure placed on the front of my foot.  The pressure is eliminated by the Shape Ups and have let me be able to walk again."  

However, even good shoes are not able to overcome certain issues such as obesity  One of the major causes of foot pain is obesity.  When the amount of weight is reduced that your feet must endure all day, then by the end of the day you might be experiencing less pain.  And if too much weight is carried on your frame, then you definitely will want to wear good, supportive shoes.  

There is nothing more distracting than having very sore feet while trying to work.  You may not be able to truly focus on your work when the only thing you can think about is being able to get off of your feet, take off your shoes and put up your feet.  However, work needs to be done.  If you have painful feet, think about what you can do to increase how much cushioning is under your feet using insoles or floor mats.  If you need to do a lot of moving around, then you also need to consider having support inside of a well built shoe to help you stay rocking.  Your feet need to stay happy so that you stay happy no matter what type of job you have that has you up on your feet all day long.

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