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What do girls really want for the holidays? When making my holiday wish list, I tend to come up with very few suggestions. I wind up spending so much time making to-do lists, helping the kids with their wish lists, and prepping for the actual holidays, that I run out of time to think of what I might like for myself. I recently saw the hit holiday movie, A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS, and while I thought it was entertaining and hilarious, it really made me stop and take a hard look at what it actually takes to make the holidays 'happen.' 

No one gets to wave a magic wand and make the magic of Christmas appear- though the holiday would carry on without the pomp and circumstance. I've been reflecting quite a bit on what Christmas truly means, and how much joy it brings me to give meaningful gifts to the people I love. 

One of the things that I have always found special, is receiving a special piece of fine jewelry. Sure, you could give jewelry, simply to have a gift to give to someone, but picking out a meaningful jewelry gift means that you've taken the time to find a gift that reflects the style and personality of the person you'll be giving it to.

Not all jewelry is created equally, therefore, shopping for and purchasing jewelry gifts isn't something to be taken lightly. Mini Mini Jewels is a fine jewelry company, based in Los Angeles, California. They offer stunning collections of delicate and trendy jewelry, such as unique charms, diamond and gold initial stud earrings, stackable rings and diamond, gemstone pendants and bracelets. Mini Mini Jewels is also the leading trend setters in the mix and match initial craze.

Just one of the styles I love from Mini Mini Jewels, their Zodiac Post Earrings
(Shown here- 14k Fine Yellow Gold High Polish Trendy Capricorn Zodiac Post Earrings, $139.99)

Mini Mini Jewels has adorned celebrity icons including; Mila Kunis, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Ashley Benson and Reese Witherspoon. It's no wonder their gorgeous pieces are attracting such attention from celebrities. Mini Mini Jewels make it easy to express your personal style in a beautiful way without being flashy or over the top.

When I think about some of the celebs mentioned who love their Mini Mini Jewels pieces, I think of their personal style. They're all so different from everyday mom looks to refined and elegant style. Of course, there are also those who prefer to rock glam or edgier looks. Whatever your style, Mini Mini Jewels has a demure piece of jewelry, just for you.

My top pick from Mini Mini Jewels, a Letter Initial Stunning Pendent Necklace.

You might think that initial jewelry is a thing of the past, but it's actually quite popular. I often go out of my way to look for things with an 'O' on them. I am proud of my name, and since it's slightly unique, I truly embrace it, and enjoy letting the letter 'O' reflect who I am. Mini Mini Jewels has a beautiful collection of initial jewelry. Their Initially Yours collection includes earrings, pendants, and rings. 

More on the Letter 'O' Initial Stunning Pendant Necklace

This magnificent pendant is part of Mini Mimi's breathtaking Initially Yours Collection and features a letter O initial design that is sure to get you noticed. The dazzling look of this pendant is accented with Shimmering Diamonds, adding a gorgeous glow. Additionally, only fine 14k Rose Gold is used to bring this pendant to life. Add this to your jewelry collection and you will surely be the center of attention! Mini Mini Jewels pendants are proudly handcrafted by professional jewelers in our California factory.

Another glamorous, yet charming style pick- the beautiful 14k Rose Gold Brilliant Diamond Accented Letter A Initial Post Single Earring

What I love about the beautiful diamond accented letter initial post single earrings, is that you can mix and match them to create a truly unique look. For instance, I could choose the initials of my children's names B and S, or I could select initials based on my first and last name- O and W. I could wear the initials of people I have loved and lost, choose the initials of my Alma mater to show pride and school spirit, etc. Create a look as unique as your wonderful self!

The more pieces I see in rose gold, the more I love them. I have become quite fond of the soft look of it. Of course, I still love silver and classic gold. Mini Mini Jewels offers all three metals in their beautiful jewelry, so that you can choose the ones that you prefer.

14k Rose Gold Garnet January Birthstone Accented Letter C Dog-tag Pendant

Birthstone jewelry is something else that I love, and something that a lot of women actually treasure and cherish. The birthstone pieces that I already own are so special to me- they've been passed down from grandparents or gifted to me by parents, my husband or my children. My birthstone is garnet, and I am so drawn to its rich color- it's one that I love to wear.

Mini Mini's birthstone accented letter dog-tag pendants are so much fun! Their style is siple, yet charming, and the dog tag is a creative vehicle for a birthstone and intial to be proudly displayed for all to see. 

14k Fine Yellow Gold High Polish Trendy Aquarius Zodiac Ring 

Another fun way to express yourself is through a delicate zodiac ring. I haven't been a huge fan of wearing rings in the past. I've stuck with my wedding band, and that's about it, because I don't like anything clunky on my fingers. The zodiac rings from Mini Mini are so sweet! They're absolutely playful and fun, and make a powerful statement about who you are. I would love to wear the capricorn ring, and have hinted to my husband that it would make a fun and 'out of the box' gift.

Whatever your style, Mini Mini Jewels has the perfect piece of jewelry just for you. If you're looking for holiday gifts that won't break the bank, but will leave the recipient with a lasting impression of your thoughtfulness, look to Mini Mini. They're gorgeous jewelry is thoughtfully crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. 

Whether it’s your own red carpet event, or a celebration of your own fabulosity, you're invited to raid Mini Mini's jewelry box and start your own personal edgy collection of Mini Mini Jewels. 

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Mini Mini Jewels to browse their beautiful collections, Celestial, Initially Yours, and Simply Charming Dog Tags. If you're looking for the perfect holiday gift, you'll find it at Mini Mini Jewels. 
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Special thanks to Mini Mini Jewels for allowing me to share about their beautiful jewelry. Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

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