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Many Moons

I am a romantic at heart and see the good in love and marriage in ways that not a lot of people do.  I believe once vows are stated they are meant to be upheld to the best of the couples' ability.  I am inspired by couples that are going the distance or have met milestones in their marriage and are still so very much in love.  I am inspired to value my marriage and my husband to see that we go the distance.
My fascination with love was initially inspired by my Grandmother.  She married my grandfather and had three biological children and adopted two more.  The amount of love they had in their marriage seemed to overflow and grow with every child they raised.  My grandfather passed over three decades ago but my grandmother never dated or found someone else to spend her life with.  My grandfather was her one love.  Her unwavering love for him has inspired me to find that one love and hold onto it for as long as I can.

The In-laws

I have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws.  They are truly two of my most favorite people. This year they have celebrated 45 years of marriage.  My father in-law says they have been married for many moons, but when he looks at my mother in-law you can tell that every moon they have spent together has meant the world to him.  My husband got certified to become a reverend/minister in recent months and I have been on this kick to have him do a ceremony in which his parents renew their vows.  Yesterday, I was able to ask them if they would be up for it and the smiles they had said it all.  Looks like I will be planning a renewal ceremony.  

Here's to many more moons for all of us hopeful romantics!

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