Let's Take a Trip to Pillowland! Laurie Berkner Book Review

I know that I've mentioned it a few times, but we love to read. We have so many books in our house that we should really invest in adding a room to serve as a library! 
I often get overwhelmed with the amount of books we already have, so I put (short-lived) bans on any new books. It's hard to follow through though, especially when you've been presented with the opportunity to check out Laurie Berkner's new book- Pillowland

We have been listening to Laurie Berkner since D was much smaller and R wasn't even on the scene yet! We've sung her songs (especially Victor Vito) so often, they've gotten stuck in our friends' heads and they love them just as much as we do. So, when we heard that a Pillowland book was being released, we knew we had to have it!

Love when D reads to R!

The book itself is recommended for ages 4-8, which means it is "just right" for R and "a little young" for D. It doesn't matter, they both LOVE it! Heck, I love it too. It is currently one of our most favorite bedtime stories and the illustrations (by Camille Garoche) are just perfectly paired with the story! 

We love the illustrations throughout the book!

Meeting the King and Queen of Pillowland!

Want It? Buy It! 

Laurie Berkner's Pillowland was released November 7th through Simon & Schuster. It is available, along with her other titles, directly on their website. It would make a great holiday gift or a great gift for a baby shower!
You can learn more about Laurie Berkner on LaurieBerkner.com and you'll be able to see more of Camille Garoche's artwork at Camille.Garoche.me.

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