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Keep Your Kids Challenged with Brain-Boosting Games from SmartGames + #Giveaway #MBPHGG17

Thank you to SmartMax Games for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

My son is at an interesting age. He just turned seven, and I am quickly learning that he's not really a little boy anymore. Gone are the days of wanting to play dress up for hours and work with me on art projects and crafts. He's a problem solver and is always up for a fun new challenge. In a world that's filled with endless shows streaming on multiple devices, and video games galore, it can be challenging for me as a mom to get my child to want to break away from a screen. Thankfully, when presented with new problems to solve in fun and unique ways, my little man is bent on figuring them out.

SmartGames are fun, brain-building logic games for one player. You can play these amazing games all on your own, anytime, without needing an opponent. Games can certainly be enjoyed by more than one person as a group challenge if desired. The games offer various levels of difficulty. Start with the easiest levels first, and then work your way up. These logic games exercise your brain! Utilize skills ranging from spatial insight to pattern recognition, while improving your problem-solving abilities and your memory.

Temple Connection is Brain Teasing Fun for the Whole Family!

 B was so excited to try out Temple Connection for the first time.

Temple Connection ($21.99) is a crazy fun and exciting game, as well as a fantastic challenge for kids and adults, ages 7+. B loves building, engineering, and solving puzzles, so this brain game was right up his alley. As soon as B realized that he was being challenged to connect the temple pieces together by road/bridge pieces to complete the 'mission,' he was all for it!

 Temple Connection comes with everything shown here.

The Temple Connection game comes with a base, three temple pieces, and corresponding bridge/road pieces. It also comes with a small spiral bound booklet with game instructions and challenges at various levels. The object of the game is to place the temple pieces on the base as shown in the guidebook, without looking at the solution. Use your brain to connect the pieces. There's only one solution! The guidebook does include the correct diagrams of solved puzzles in the back of the book.

 B, using his brain power to find the solution to the puzzle and connect the temple pieces.

A finished puzzle with added marbles (marbles not included) for extra fun!

We have a strict policy on how much screen time we allow our kids to have, and encourage them to find other activities to keep themselves occupied. I have been pleased to see B pulling out Temple Connection on his own, working to solve the puzzles, even after he's been in school for a long day. He's a creative kid, and thought it would be fun to let marbles take a spin down the roads and bridges on the Temple Connection game! That's the kind of thing that makes me a very proud mom. We've really been enjoying this game, and with over 80 challenges, I don't think it's one that'll wind up on the shelf anytime soon!

IQ Focus is Perfect for Kids & Adults

My husband Sacha, proudly displaying his finished IQ Focus puzzle.

When we received our SmartGames, I couldn't help but chuckle over my husband's excitement to see the IQ Focus puzzle game. He picked it up, looked at it, and said, 'Ooo... this one is for me!' He tucked it into his messenger bag and took it to work with him. He's a college teacher, and has full days of classes back to back, but was excited to have something new and fun to try during his lunch break.

 IQ Focus- a compact brain game with 120 challenges, perfect for travel or brain boosting anywhere you might roam!

B gets his knack and desire for problem-solving from his dad. They both crave knowledge and love figuring out how things work. Puzzles are perfect for the two of them to enjoy individually, or together! IQ Focus ($9.99) presents all-new challenges at various levels of difficulty. The goal is to Focus on the central square of the game board to solve the 120 challenges in this IQ puzzle game. Fill the grid with 10 multicolor pieces to match in the center what is shown in the challenge! 

 A great way to unwind at the end of a long day- a few rounds of IQ Focus!

My husband loves trivia games and mind-boosting challenges. He usually plays games of this nature on his phone but has really enjoyed not having to look at a screen to complete these challenges. The fact that the game is so compact makes it easy for him to tote along with him to work, or for us to take along on trips. Although he enjoys this game as a grown-up, it's also great for older kids, ages 8+.

Want them? Get them!

SmartGames has an incredibly impressive selection of brain-boosting games for all ages. You can select games based on age from 2-6, 6+, 8+ & 10+. There's something for everyone! Snow White and Jump'in are also new from SmartGames and would make perfect holiday gifts this season!
I can't wait to pick up a few more compact games from SmartGames for stocking stuffers!

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One lucky MBP reader will win their choice of 1 of the following games from SmartGames:
Temple Connection
Snow White
IQ Focus

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Special thanks to SmartGames for allowing me to share about their educational games and for providing a giveaway for our readers. 
Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

Good luck!


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  4. I think my son would enjoy Temple connection the most

  5. my son (who i swear I call B to lol) would like the temple collection but i would like the iq test.

  6. I am really big on things me and my son can do without technology ! I would love to try them all out with him. Our time is so precious! :)

  7. I think my grandson would enjoy Temple connection.


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