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Just 18 Days Until Double Digits!

This is D, my oldest daughter, the girl who first called me Mom. Yesterday, after our Halloween adventures were over (she was Sabrina the Teenage Witch, in case you couldn't tell), we were explaining to R how it would be a brand new month when we woke up. November 1st, or as D quickly pointed out "18 days until my birthday"!

I'm as excited for a birthday party as the next person, but this birthday feels different. My sweet little lady will be turning DOUBLE DIGITS. She has changed so much over the years, but I feel like someone has hit the fast-forward button this year. She's a bit taller, a bit more observant, a bit wiser and (sadly) a bit sassier. She's also turned into someone who really explores things that catch her interest; things like being in the school play last year turned into auditioning again this year AND joining a drama troupe during school hours.

Preparing for a Double Digit Birthday Celebration....

D has been throwing out so many different ideas of what she'd like to do for her birthday this year, that I honestly don't have a clue what we'll actually be doing. Our house is too small to host a large group of people comfortably, so one thing I am sure of is that we'll be looking for a relatively inexpensive venue for this year's party. I have approximately 18 days to plan and execute an awesome Double Digit Party, so I'll be heading to Pinterest now for ideas, wish me luck! 

If you have any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them. Be sure to leave a comment! 


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