I'm lazy! #Motivational Monday

I'm a little over the halfway point of my pregnancy and I have to be honest- most days it's hard to get motivated. I constantly battle with the temptation of crawling back in bed, or lounging on the couch watching movies all day. It's the most challenging part of being a stay at home mom.

I have learned the hard way: if I give in to my desires, I end up having much more work. The dishes only get harder to wash, and cooking with messy, cluttered countertops is frustrating. Toys take over the floor and make a simple walk to the bathroom feel like an episode of Ninja Warrior! And if I don't feed my kids when they are hungry, they become unmanageable little monsters.

Laziness has become one of my greatest sources of motivation; and until we can hire a housekeeper and private chef (in my dreams), I see it staying that way!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I know the struggle esp with dishes. Im trying to find the motivation to do them now but here I sit haha


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