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How to Keep the House Warm for Less

Now that winter is here, you may be sitting at home every night trying to turn on the heating to its full capacity to try and keep the place warm for you and the family. However, keeping the heating on all the time in winter can become rather costly. If you want to keep your home warm without spending all of your dough, here’s how.

Insulate your loft

Heat rises, so making sure that your loft is fully insulated is a key factor in keeping the heat inside your home this winter. Take some time to get the roof insulated, and you can even insulate the floors if you want to. However, bear in mind that you’ll still need ventilation for the home.

Insulate your walls

Heat escapes through the walls almost as soon as you switch the heating on. However, if you opt for having cavity wall insulation or Installing Crawl Space Insulation you can avoid the issues and instead keep your home nice and toasty. If your wall is solid and you can’t put cavity insulation in there, you can get insulation installed on the inside or outside of the wall.

Insulate your floor

You can add wool insulation under the floorboards to close the gaps under your home and improve the heat retention in your home. Something as simple as adding some sealant to cover gaps in the floorboards can also make a big difference to your home.

Turn the heating down

Another important point is the type of heating. You can start using a new one, such as wall mounted electric radiator instead of central heating.

Make sure you have a good quality heating system such as www.stuartproair.com, and in the evenings get into the habit of turning the thermostat down by 1 or 2 degrees. It can save you a lot of money over the season.
Stop Using Radiators To Dry Clothes

If you want to keep your home warm, don’t put clothes on the radiators. They are great for helping our clothes dry quicker, however, covering the radiator prevents heat from getting into the rest of the room.

Cover Drafts

Small Gaps underneath your doors can contribute to your feeling cold inside you home. This is why buying yourself a door which fits better or buying a draft excluder is the best way to go. You can find draft excluders everywhere online, such as here:https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/home/home-accessories/decorative-accessories/door-stops  
Layer Up

If you feel cold, add extra layers to your person. You will feel comfier walking around the house with a fluffy jumper over your clothes, and it save you from having to switch on the heating.  

Light It Up

Candles are amazing items which make us feel cozy, make our homes smell amazing and add a lovely ambience to the home in the evenings. They also have another benefit- they give off heat. Instead of switching on the heating in the evening, why don’t you take some tealights and candles out and light them around the living room? It save you from having the light on and save money on heating.
Shop Around

The reason your heating is so expensive might be down to the energy plan you are on. Remember to always check other companies incase they have better deals for you to take advantage of.

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