Holiday Gift Preview: GOTRAX Hoverfly #MBPHGG17

I am being provided with a sample from Go Trax in exchange for my review.

If you have older kids to buy holiday gifts for, you already know that the struggle is real. I have a teenage boy to shop for- yikes! This is the same boy who I used to love picking out cars and trucks for, or making licensed character tie blankets for... the same little dude who was ring bearer in our wedding ten years ago is now a teenager, and is into activewear that I can't afford, and not much else. He's an active teen who loves the latest in electronics and technology, though, so I figured a Hoverboard just might be a safe bet... and I was right!

The GOTRAX™ GALAXY is beaming down its signature UL certified hoverboards, the HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS. These stellar self-balancing scooters allow Commanders to accelerate, stop and steer with a simple shift in body weight using advanced gyroscopic technology. Commanders can experience the zero-gravity feeling of hovering as they cosmic fun glide through the GALAXY.


Both the HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS are among the most powerful hoverboards in the cosmos, producing top-ranking extraterrestrial torque thanks to dual 350-watt electric motors (compared to typical competitors’ 250-300 watts) capable of propelling Commanders up to 7.4 miles-per-hour for 12 miles on a single charge.

Available in five Cosmic Colors, both models feature lunar-bright LED lights, durable, high-quality aluminum construction with an external shield, aluminum wheels and rubber tires. Multiple modes including a Training Mode for quick and easy flight training make it easy to be a master faster. All GOTRAX™ products are fully UL 2272 tested and certified for electrical, battery and charging safety.  

The HOVERFLY PLUS combines the features of the HOVERFLY with a high-quality Bluetooth® speaker capable of kicking out the space jams. Commanders of the HOVERFLY PLUS can also deploy the iOS™/Android™ mobile app to turn devices into mobile command centers for tracking stats like battery life and speed. Commanders can unlock a Pro riding mode for customizable steering and acceleration capabilities and a warp speed of up to 11.2 miles per hour.

What's in a GOTRAX Hoverboard Box?

“GOTRAX™ aims to invigorate the electric-rideable market with a brand reflecting science, fun and a sense of adventure,” says Chief Marketing Officer Jason Wakefield. “And this is only the beginning.”

Soon-to-launch will be the all-terrestrial-terrain HOVERFLY XL hoverboard and the HOVERFLY KART hoverboard accessory. With a universal design, the HOVERFLY KART is capable of transforming any HOVERFLY (and most other self-balancing scooters) into a galactic hoverboard go-kart. New electric scooters and ATVs will be the next to enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

The GOTRAX™ HOVERFLY and HOVERFLY PLUS are available now at and on Amazon.


Designed in Denver
UL 2272 Certified
Lunar-bright LED lights
Cosmic Colors (Mars Red, Nebula Black, Neptune Blue, Planetary Purple, Pulsar Pink)
iOS/Android mobile app displays stats, unlocks “pro mode” (HOVERFLY PLUS)
Built-in Bluetooth® HQ audio speaker (HOVERFLY PLUS)
Easy learning system with Training Mode and Quick Launch Galaxy Guide
Top-ranking torque dual 350W motors (compared to 250W - 300W industry standard)
Range of up to 12 miles on a single charge
7.4 mph top speed (11.2 mph w/ “pro mode” on HOVERFLY PLUS)
Durable construction featuring powerful external shield, aluminum wheels and 6.5-inch rubber tires
220-pound weight capacity (44-pound minimum)
Fully charges in approximately one hour
Battery indicator lights

Want it? Get it!

Have older kids or teens who are hard to buy for? You can't go wrong with the HOVERFLY or HOVERFLY PLUS from GOTRAX this holiday season!

Head on over to GOTRAX to take a look at all of their cool product options... you'll be glad you did!
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Special thanks to GOTRAX for allowing me to share about their awesome Hoverboards this holiday season! Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!


  1. I'm thinking of a balance board and a mini-trampoline for Xmas. --For me! So I get some kind of exercise!

  2. Kids really want a hoverboard this year so I'm checking out the gotrax. Found a coupon for $10 off and figured I'd report back. GOSOCIAL10


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