Give the Gift of Adventure with Barefoot Books #MBPHGG17

Christmas always presents overwhelming tasks: planning family gatherings around conflicts, sending the perfect holiday card, and buying the perfect gifts. Now that I have a little one, I can see how those around me with kids struggled to make lists. You want your kids to receive gifts they love, but you also want to balance them out and not create more clutter in the house. Books as gifts-I always love this idea and I especially enjoy the titles from Barefoot Books. 

Barefoot Books has been opening doors into other cultures for generations. The company also provides characters for kids of all abilities and backgrounds. It is important that all children see themselves as characters in empowering stories, no matter their circumstances. Barefoot Books is dedicated to encouraging global citizenship among all its readers and for this reason, and many others, is why I will support them for many years to come. 

Want it? Buy it!

The Gift Guide has many options for kids of all ages starting at $8.99. Check out some of the featured titles below. 

For ages 4 and up! $14.99 

The Young Yogi set is perfect to practice mindfulness and build healthy habits. The gift set is $36.99. 

If your kid loves music as much as mine does, $14.99 is a steal. 

Look at this cuddly woolly mammoth named Everett. So cute and only $14.99.  

More music!  

These Topanifarm Cubes are not only for building, but also help baby learn opposites, relative sizes, and more. Only $24.99.  

As a former teacher, I know empathy is one of the most difficult emotions to teach. This is a game that helps teach just that! Only $17.99 to teach a valuable lifelong skill.  

 Ages 3 to 10. Hardcover for only $19.99!

For $36.99, you (and your child) can learn over 700 words in 3 different languages!  

How unique is this growth chart? I think Hendrix would love this, as would any other little boy. For ages 3 and up.  

This How Loud is a Lion? set runs $21.99 and is for all ages. It comes with the book and the puppet. 

For more than just a book, check out Barefoot Books, their manifesto, and more from Donna Hart. 

Happy holiday reading and giving!

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