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Difficult Questions Your Kids Might Spring On You

Kids can say the funniest things sometimes!

And they are also very inquisitive and can ask some really pressing questions. Often, those questions can be very difficult for grownups to answer, especially when the questions are of a very adult nature and it isn’t wise to give the kids the full answer. In fact, in these situations, it can be very difficult to know how to answer these searching questions.

Here are some difficult questions that your kids might spring on you, and how you should try and answer them.

Does God Really Exist?

When children start to learn about God and religion, they will obviously have lots of questions for you to answer as they try and figure out spirituality and their own beliefs. Lots of people struggle to talk to their children about spirituality in a way that the youngsters can understand. But don’t worry; you can click the following post to read some great tips and tricks. Just remember that you shouldn’t worry about having all of the answers, as there are many people in your local community, such as your priest and your child’s teacher, who can help answer these types of questions as well.

How Are Babies Made?

When your children are old enough to realize that making a baby isn’t quite as simple as going to the store to buy one, they will be very curious about where they actually come from. It’s totally understandable if you don’t want to tell your young children the whole story about babies. You could tell them the story about storks instead. Storks have been closely associated with newborn babies for years and many parents tell their children that these large white birds carry new babies to their parents.  

What Happens When We Die?

Another spiritual question that many parents really struggle to answer is “what happens when we die”? Of course, no one really knows the answer to this, which makes it even harder to answer. But don’t forget that your answer could simply be that you do not know and neither does anyone else. It’s a good idea to try and phrase this in a way that doesn’t scare your children, though!

Do Aliens Exist?

Again, no one really knows whether aliens do exist or not, but this could be a fun one for you to answer. You could easily use cartoons of aliens and storybooks that feature alien characters to try and answer this for your child. They might be happy to just accept that alien beings are completely fictional and have been created for our entertainment. But keeping some mystery alive will help bring some intrigue to your answers!

Hopefully, this blog post has given you some ideas of how you can ask the tricky questions that your kids might spring on you! If you have to, it’s perfectly fine to answer with “I don’t know!”

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