Working on Myself #MondayMotivation

Recently, a co-worker made a very rude comment about my attitude. It was completely unwarranted, uncalled for, and extremely unprofessional of a cube-mate. He said, "You're always complaining and you're always so negative." Several thoughts came to mind, but the first one and the one that has stuck with me so far was, "He's probably right."

I am not an optimist by nature. I think of myself as a realist, with a dash of pessimism. I don't think this way on purpose - I guess it's just the way I'm wired - especially at work, which is the only environment this man sees me in. 

This isn't the first time someone made such a comment on my character, but I suppose this day was the final straw for me. I left work that day and cried the whole way home and for much of the night. I felt judged and hated. And I never want to feel that way again. And while this is probably an HR nightmare for said co-worker, I'm not going to bring it to the big guys. Instead, I'm going to work on me. 

I'm re-wiring my brain. I am making a conscious effort to be a more positive human. Instead of complaining that I have too much to do, not enough time, not enough money, I am going to make the best with what I've got. I'm working on myself, for myself, by myself. I'm not doing this for the satisfaction of my rude co-worker. I'm doing this for the betterment of myself because it's a healthy mindset to be in. 

It's an uphill battle every day so far but I'm making positive thinking my new habit. 

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