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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Project Catch-Up

Happy Saturday! The weekend is finally here and the Wigglesworth crew will be running around like  lunatics for most of it. If you keep up with any of our posts, you'll know that during this time of the year, we run around A LOT!  Thankfully, we're almost to a calm period, but we still have to get through the weekend first!

To start our weekend off, D has a soccer game, which will be a playoff game, this weekend. If her team wins, we'll figure out when the next game is. If her team loses, soccer season is done for her. After her soccer game, we'll be taking a short intermission (aka eating lunch) and then heading back to the field for R's soccer game. R won't have playoff games, but she has games scheduled for next weekend, so the season isn't over just yet. 

After R's soccer game is over, we have to catch up on a few projects. D has a musical instrument that she invented for a school project, and she needs to put the finishing touches on it. If that doesn't take too long, I'm hoping to at least get started on the craft project we were supposed to do last weekend.

Any guesses? Keep an eye on the blog to see what we create with all of this!

In addition to the fun stuff, we also have a few projects that the grown-ups will be working on. Matt has to finish up a lighting project and we have to figure out why the ceiling fan in our dining room is so wobbly. Then, I really need to get my rear in gear with meal planning and couponing/shopping lists. It's been too long and we've been relying on leftovers, sandwiches, and some take out the last few days. 

At some point this weekend, we also have to find the girls Halloween costumes. D wants to be Sabrina the Teenage Witch, so that means a trip to a few thrift stores to (hopefully) find some 90s fashion. Thankfully, R wants to be something more current and her Maleficent costume should be easier to find. 

What projects will you be tackling this weekend? 

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