Watch Out Fish! Rapala Searchbait and RipStop Make Fishing Easy For Anyone! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to Rapala for providing me with product for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed below are my own.

Fishing is an activity and pastime that I grew up enjoying with my dad. He would take my brother and I to the local lake near our home, tackle boxes and worms in tow. I have fond memories of my dad teaching me how to bait a hook, cast a line and reel in fish. There is nothing like the first time you catch a fish. For many women, this may not be a substantial memory to draw from but for me, it was special because it was between my dad and I! Given the opportunity to shed some light on a company like Rapala  has been an absolute privilege as it has taken me back to those memories and given me a reason to be excited about new ones made with my own children! 

Rapala is a company that specializes in lures, knives, fishing tools and the list goes on! Today, we will be focusing on the Rapala RipStop and Storm 360GT Searchbait.

360GT Searchbait

The Rapala 360GT Searchbait  has the tagline "throw it anywhere, catch fish everywhere!" This is a motto I can get excited about! Unless you are a seasoned fishing pro, it can be challenging to know where to cast. Let the searchbait do all of the work for you. This lure can be used by all skill levels and does not require any sort of mastery to use. This lure creates a natural swimming action that nearby fish cannot refuse. From the natural jiggling motion to the coloring of underwater life, this lure is sure to bring you more fish than bait alone.

Check out this quick video which showcases how searchbaits actually work!

The holidays are quickly approaching and it always seems as though dads, brothers, uncles, grandfathers, boyfriends and husbands can be the most difficult people to buy gifts for! These guys in our lives really can stump us when gift-giving season approaches. Rapala has you covered as a one-stop shop for the man in your life that loves the outdoors. 


The RipStop tail is specially designed to create a fast, flashing bait-like action. This lure moves in such a unique way where it can stop on a dime, but shimmy before coming to complete rest. It then lifts it's head slowly mimicking a real-life fish. This lure can be fished anyway you feel most comfortable and is designed to be used by all skill levels. It can be used to catch multi-species game fish. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors so you will be sure to find one that suits exactly what your interest is. 

These fishing lures will not only be a fun addition to your next fishing trip (or maybe your favorite guy's next fishing trip), they will also create memories that will be passed on for generations to come. Rapala lures can become a part of your family's favorite "fish story" with the fish they will bring in. 


Be sure to check out the Rapala website where you will find the RipStop lure, 360GT Searchbait as well as hundreds of other products, perfect for the upcoming gift-giving season!

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Thank you to Rapala for the opportunity to review these products!

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