Safety First: 4 Things Your Family Home Is Missing

Creating a safe environment for your family is always priority number one. When we take trips in the car, we make sure all the kids have their seatbelts on and that we drive at a sensible speed. When your kids start to learn how to ride a bike, you give them a helmet, knee & elbow pads, and usually, start them on stabilizers.

My point is, we take extra precautions in all areas of life, so why don’t we do it in the home too? It seems crazy to me that many families have only got a basic alarm system and nothing else. If you want to keep your family as safe and secure as possible, you’ve got to cover all angles. So, here are a few things your home is missing that will help you out:

Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

Most break-ins happen during the night as it’s dark and harder for people to see. You’ll notice someone walking up to your front or back door in daylight, as will your neighbors. But, when it’s dark, people are more hidden. With motion sensor outdoor lights you put a stop to this. They turn on whenever they detect someone walking close to your home. So, if someone ever tries sneaking in, they’ll get hit with a bright light that scares them away.


The problem with being a parent is that you can’t be everywhere at once, and you don’t have a million pairs of eyes. As such, you can’t keep watch over your house to ensure no one is trying to break in. This is where surveillance comes in, as you can use cameras to watch over your home and ward off burglars. Nowadays, you can buy a house security system that comes with a set of CCTV cameras to be installed around your house. This gives you eyes in the back of your head and will keep people well away from your home.

Alarmed Windows

Have you ever noticed how some shop windows will sound an alarm when they’re broken, but home windows don’t? This is because you need to buy special alarms for your windows. You can attach something to them that’s linked to your alarm system and will go off when the window is broken, or severe force is detected. This strengthens your security as the presence of the alarm can scare burglars away. Plus, everyone in the neighborhood will hear your alarm if it goes off, meaning swift action can be taken.

Chain/Bolt Locks

I’m always surprised how many homes don’t have chain or bolt locks on their front/backdoors. The just add an extra element of protection to your home, making it harder for someone to come in. Let’s say someone manages to pick your locks - as rare as that is - they still wouldn’t get in as the chain or bolt will prevent the door from opening. Such a simple security tip, and so very effective.

Start putting the safety of your family home before anything else. All four of these things can help your home become much more secure, and protect your family from any threats.

How do you protect your family home?


  1. Great tips - I don't have any of these items. Now that we have little ones, home security needs to be more of a priority than ever before.

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  3. Home and family safety must be the top most concern to any parents and to do that we must have some sort of security system. Thanks for sharing this 4 tips. I already got covered with the security cameras and will surely going to cover other 3 things.

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