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Has everyone adjusted to the big "back to school" craze?! Have you found yourself into somewhat of a new norm, yet? I'm getting there. I have a Kindergartner and a 1st Grader this year so my mornings are filled with breakfast choices, shoes, uniforms, backpacks (or book bags depending on where you live), homework, lunches and out the door to to make it in the school drop-off line before the late bell! Getting back to school is a stressful, busy time for every family, be it traditional school or home school and I have a feeling the lunch packing scene plays a big role here too! 

If you're like me, which let's just assume you are hopefully not at all and far more organized and "with the program", maybe you stress a bit about making sure your kiddos have a well-rounded lunch when they are out of your grasp and in the cafeteria or lunch room at school. I have always been a "night before" lunch packer. I have almost no brain power in the early morning so I'm pretty sure if I waited until then to pack my son's lunches they would be eating 3 apples and 3 string cheeses for lunch each day. So, I try to never get into bed without being sure their lunch is properly zipped up and ready to grab first thing in the morning. It's kind of the one thing I'm sort of awesome at. My kids get pretty kick-bottom lunches if I do say so myself.
I'm going to leave this photo right here for your viewing enjoyment:

 And this one:

And this one too:

Before we go any further, I want you to really look at the above photos and ask yourself, "Self, could I use a big assortment of the above snacks and goodies to add to my kid's lunches?" If you answered any form of "yes" to that question (probably something like "HOLY SWISS CHEESE I SURE CAN!") then you have clicked happy today, friend. The awesome people at 5WPR are offering a giveaway of these awesome brands and their delectable snacks! 

The Little Kernel  is all about real, fresh ingredients to make sure you are consuming a product that you can feel good about and have fun doing so!
Be sure to check them out on Instagram and discover for yourself what so many others already have about this tiny little kernel packed with so much flavor and goodness!

My 5 year old son, broke his foot last week and so we are basically throwing snacks at him at will. Luckily for him, The Little Kernel was there for him in his unfortunate state and has really helped to ease the pain and discomfort of being down and out!

Another delicious snack that my kids are so very happy I have had the opportunity to add to their school lunches is Welchs Fruit Snacks Fruit Rolls! These new fruit rolls have fruit as the very first ingredient and you can taste the goodness and authentic fruit flavor!

My 6 year old son, would probably live off of these if given the opportunity but I assure everyone reading this that HE DOES NOT. We feed our kids a very well-balanced diet! 
2 thumbs up from our 2 growing kiddos! Make sure to check out the three varieties of Welchs Fruit Rolls and unroll the fun! 

If the traditional fruit snack is what you're looking for, we have you covered with Go Organically Snacks! My kids have loved these for quite some time and we find them in our local grocery store. Organic is more and more widespread these days and my family is mostly organic too. We look for all-natural, organic options at every opportunity and that is why we love that Go Organically USDA certified organic and filled with nutrition you and your kids will love!

Now, to wash all of these amazing snacks down, we haven't forgotten about drink time! Did you know that being dehydrated by just 2% can effect cognitive function in your kids? Having enough to drink throughout the day is so very important!
Consider the Aqua Ball Drink!
Sugar-free, preservative-free, naturally flavored water your kids will love!

Visit Welchs Fruit Snacks to learn where you can buy these delicious snacks and be sure to check them out on InstagramFacebookTwitter and Youtube.
Give Aquaball a try and taste for yourself the flavor profile of this little "ball" of water! Visit their website to find out where you can find Aqua Ball and visit them on Facebook  and Twitter
Visit Go Organically to find out where you can find these delicious snacks and be sure to visit them on Facebook Instagram an Twitter.
Check out The Little Kernel to find out where you can buy this delicious snack and be sure to visit their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

These snacks need to be in your lunch repertoire! The awesome news is they can be! Enter below to win the giveaway of snacks worth $45!


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  1. I like snacks that are easy and require little prep, so for my sons lunches I usually add things like gogurt or GoGo SqueeZ that are delicious and the kids love eating it

  2. apple sauce or yogurt would be nice

  3. I would also like the popcorn too

  4. My son would love for me to add the fruit roll-ups.

  5. I'd ad the Go Organically Fruit Snacks

  6. My daughters would love to add the Aqua Balls to their lunch! They don't like water, so flavored water would be the perfect way to get them to drink more!

  7. The fruit roll-ups would be fun for my Granddaughter.

  8. we like fruit snacks for school snack

  9. carrot sticks are a great snack too

  10. I like including sweet pepper strips

  11. I like sometime adding freeze dried fruit & veggies.

  12. I like to include cut up fruit.

  13. I include fruit snacks always.

  14. My kids love the Welches roll ups

  15. My for kid: cucumbers and the fruit snacks would be about all he would need!


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