Healthy Hacks For A Vigorous Vacation

Families try to be healthy nowadays because the consequences are dire otherwise. But, the average family also likes to get away from the rigors of life for a few weeks a year. Going on vacation is a fantastic way to relax and recharge and look after one’s mental health. When it comes to physical well-being, a holiday isn’t great. From drinking lots of alcohol to overeating, people tend to take it easy on vacation. It may only be ten days to two weeks, but it’s a long time to be inactive.

Families who care for their fitness will want to find a solution, and it won’t involve giving up vacations! In a perfect world, an average person should be able to enjoy a beach in the winter without putting on a few pounds. Thankfully, it is possible to mix the two with positive results.

The hacks are underneath. All you have to do is consider them before the next family vacation.

Avoid Jet Lag

People who are tired and fatigued make terrible health choices. The average person really can’t be bothered to eat or drink healthily when they are lethargic. On vacation, jet lag can leave you bed bound for two to three days of the holiday. During those “relaxation” days, the odds are you will pick up a meal or two wherever possible. Avoiding jet lag is the obvious answer, but there is no quick fix. A long-haul flight means you will miss out on sleep and your body clock will be out of sync. Still, you and your family can limit the damage by preparing for lack of sleep. The trick is to go to bed one hour earlier or later depending on the destination. If it’s East, it should be earlier, whereas it’s later for West. Do this for a week and your body should acclimatize before you arrive.

Pace The Plane

Boarding a plane is a necessary evil. Whether you like it or not, most holiday hotspots are out of reach by car or train. The problem with flying is the periods of inactivity. The flight could take twelve hours, and you have to sit down for the majority of the time. Not to scare anyone, but sitting on your backside for prolonged periods can result in deep vein thrombosis. Also, there is a mental aspect. Have you ever got bored and felt feelings of anxiety? The reason is brain inactivity. Just like the body, it needs working out a couple of times a week, too. In a metal box, a full-blown workout is out of the question. However, you can get up and walk around the plane. Stretching also boosts blood flow to all the major organs.

Stay Hydrated

Vacations tend to include warm weather, very warm weather. At home, drinking a couple of liters a day is plenty, but the same doesn’t apply abroad. Thanks to the heat and humidity, the body needs almost double the daily recommended amount. Sadly, vacationers drink less water on holiday than they do at home. With a care-free attitude, drinking beer and soda is a much more attractive proposition. Everyone should enjoy their time away, but there's a time and a place for a cocktail or two: at night. During the day, swap bottles of alcohol for bottles of water instead. Water gives you the energy to eat healthily and exercise and prevents ailments such as headaches.

Choose Wisely

Even when people watch what they eat, most holidaymakers don’t exercise. What with the heat and humidity, it never seems appealing. Two weeks of inactivity isn’t good for the body or the muscles. Not only do the muscles begin to atrophy but the major systems become less efficient. The next time you go for a run, the respiratory system may not work as well, putting you back fitness-wise. A simple solution is to pick a vacation which keeps you active and encourages exercise. Camping is an excellent example as it’s outdoors and involves walking, hiking and trekking. What’s more, you can finally put those camping gifts to good use. If living in the wilderness in autumn doesn’t appeal, skiing is a great alternative. Or, you can set up an adventure holiday full of activities such as rafting, abseiling and canyoning. For the people who love the beach too much, try and fit in exercise wherever possible. You say you like the beach, right? Well, jump in the sea and go for a dip. Swimming is one of the most strenuous activities going and burns tons of calories.


Whether you’re on-piste or on golden sand, walking is always an option. Unfortunately, the lure of a tour bus or a taxi is too tempting. The thing to remember is that everyone gets to the same destination in the end. It takes longer to walk yet vacations don’t have strict deadlines. Plus, walking is cheaper and allows you to take in the sights while burning calories. Indeed, a pleasant stroll burns up to twice as much fat as any other exercise in an hour session. So, ditch the cabs and tourist traps and set out on an adventure. Remember that if you walk one-way, you can always get the bus back into town. Let that spur you on as you stomp down the local high street to your destination.

Stay In And Cook

One of the main reasons holidays are unhealthy is dining out. Fancy restaurants and three-course meals are beautiful, but a moment on the lips, forever on the hips! Again, you should treat the family because a holiday should be an enjoyable time. However, eating out three times a day, seven days a week isn’t the answer. Anyway, it gets boring eating the same old meals all vacation. If possible, stay in and cook a few nights a week. When you are in charge of the stove, it is your responsibility to ensure the ingredients are healthy and organic. All you have to do is raid the local supermarket.

A vacation doesn’t have to be unhealthy. With these tips, it is possible to stay fit and active all holiday.

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