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Happy Birthday, Big Bro B!

Today is the day! My little man isn't so little anymore. In fact, he turned seven years old around 6:30 this morning. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday, and though my birth plan for him didn't pan out the way I had expected, we were blessed with an incredibly beautiful baby boy, seven years ago. The older he gets, the more personality traits I see starting to show through- especially those that he has inherited from other family members.

B is like me in so many ways- he's a people person, yet can be very reserved in new situations. He's cautious and isn't really a risk taker. He has a short temper that sometimes gets the best of him, but he's also incredibly compassionate and has a heart of gold. He's also a lot like his dad- he loves music, science, and math. B always wants to know how things work the way they do, isn't afraid to take something apart and try to put it back together, and like his dad, loves to ask 'why?'

B is like his grandma and his Poppa in that he loves to read, and loves to learn historical facts. He's like his Grammy in the ways that they love to garden and take care of the earth... he's got a little farmer's blood in his veins. He's like his Papa Richard in the way that he loves technical aspects of things, such as sound and lights, and he loves a good performance... even more so if he's the star of the show.

B is very different from his sister, and quite a bit older than she is, but he takes the responsibility of being an older brother very seriously and is always quick to protect her.

What's in his name?
B was named after Balian of Ibelin, a 12th-century nobleman, and crusader, who fought to protect the city of Jerusalem. B is an awesome protector!

What's in store for birthday week?

B has fall break this week, which means that he has a half day of school today, and then has Thursday and Friday off. We'll be having a special birthday lunch with his Grammy and Poppa after school today, and then we'll have pizza, presents, and cake at home tonight. On Friday, we'll take B to Discovery Place in Charlotte for a day of birthday fun. Then on Sunday, we'll have a big family party and celebrate three October birthdays. B will have a party with his classmates and friends a few days before Halloween. It's going to be a busy month!

How do you like to celebrate special birthdays in your family?


  1. What a handsome little man! I hope he has a Happy Birthday!


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