Friends that are Family! #writerschoice

I love the beautiful ladies in this picture so much!  They are friends that you consider family.  The five of us worked together for about 10 years and we became so much more than co-workers.  We vacationed together, celebrated holidays together, supported each other during weddings, birth of children and hard family situations.  I have many people that I call my friends, but these girls right here are the life long friends that are there for you every step of the way, no matter the situation.  This is the most recent picture of us as we gathered to celebrate the wedding of Allison's daughter!  The four of us cried when we saw Allison (mother of the bride) walk down  the aisle to her seat.  We looked at each other and said how gorgeous she looked!  We finish each other's sentences and know each others thoughts.  We no longer work together and unfortunately don't see each other as often as we would like, but we pick up exactly as we left off...every single time.  Aiden calls all these beautiful ladies his Aunts.  I know that they would do anything for Aiden, anytime he needed them.  I tell him very often how important friendships like this are and that I pray for him to have them as he grows.  
I consider myself blessed to have such an amazing group of friends. Sandy, Jan, Allison and Darlene...I love you girls!  I know that friends like this are once in a lifetime!
Do you have those once in a lifetime friends that are more like family?  Isn't it amazing to know they have your back, no matter what?  

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