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Costume SuperCenter has Everything You Need for a Spooktacular Halloween!

Thank you to Costume SuperCenter for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts shared are my own.

This is the best and biggest Halloween to date for our family! I love Halloween and really enjoy getting into the spirit of the holiday with and for my kids. This year, the month of October has been so busy for us, that we decided to combine B's birthday party with a Halloween celebration for his friends. I knew that meant that I would have to rely on the power of Pinterest and find some spooktacular games and decorations for our event.

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Lucky for me, Costume SuperCenter had everything that I needed to plan the perfect Halloween bash! Plus, they have such an amazing selection of costumes and props, that I was able to get everything I needed for the kids Halloween costumes, plus party decor in one easy online shopping session.

Costumes are a big part of any Halloween celebration. Not only did we have a Halloween themed birthday party, we also had a Trunk-or-Treat event, and then, of course, had to have costumes for the annual Halloween parade & festival our neighborhood hosts every Halloween. The costumes at Costume SuperCenter are so well-priced, that I was able to snag one complete Ninja costume for B, plus accessories for his Indiana Jones costume! I even found an adorable Fairy Princess costume for Baby S!

 B loves his cool Ninja costume!

Ninja costumes are in high demand this Halloween, thanks in part to a popular movie that just hit theaters a few weeks ago. We had lots of cool ninjas at our party! I had a tough time choosing a ninja costume for B, just chose this one because it came with lots of costume pieces for a very reasonable price. He's already worn this costume twice and will wear it again for Halloween. I have a feeling he'll be playing in it a lot, too! Go, ninja, go!

Other costumes for this year's Halloween fun...

 Our DIY Indiana Jones costume for B

We figured that a DIY Indiana Jones costume would be pretty easy, until we started hunting for the pieces we needed. Luckily, B just needed a pair of khaki pants and a white shirt for the base of the costume. We found a small leather jacket at a thrift store, which was a score! The hat and whip combo, plus canvas bag came from Costume SuperCenter. I was so excited that they had these Indiana Jones costume accessories because they would have been hard to find otherwise! The canvas bag is going to double as B's trick-or-treat bag... double win!

For my sweet little Bean, a fairy princess costume!

I had given little thought to Halloween costumes for the kids this year, due to my own personal busyness. It's not like me not to have a master plan for it all! Costume SuperCenter really came through for me at the last minute on an adorable costume for my baby girl. She is going to look so sweet as a little fairy princess. The costume is sleeveless, so we'll pair it with leggings and a sweater or jacket, depending on how cold it is when we trick-or-treat. The costume also came with wings, which fit over the arms and across the back. Adorable cuffs and a headband came with the costume set, as well.

Endless options for party decor & more!

To make any Halloween party or fun fest as spooktacular as possible, you've got to have the right decor. Now, our party was for first-graders. Some of them are just dipping their toes into the realm of spooky stuff, and others aren't quite as adventurous. I wanted to make the party fun, but also keep in mind that some of those little sweeties might be easily frightened. I'm not about to be the culprit behind bad dreams for those sweet kids. So, I looked for whimsical decorations that could be incorporated with games, and then repurposed for decorations for Trunk-or-Treat, and used again for decorations at home.

This silly long-legged spider was poseable, and the kids loved trying to toss spider rings into his web at our party!

Thanks to a Pinterest idea, the kids played a game of fling the spider, and had a blast doing so! I stretched spider web onto the fence, and placed the cute poseable spider at the top of the web, with the legs dangling. The kids had to use plastic spoons to launch little plastic spider rings into the web and try to get them to stick. It was so much fun!

 B and friends, racing to get to the spiders to fling them into the giant web!

 Dangling ghosts (3 pack) were the perfect decoration to hang from the tree in the backyard.

The ghosts were so spooky and fun! They're really light and delicate, so any movement or gust of wind makes them look like they're floating in the air! We also used these for Trunk-or-Treat, and it was so windy that everyone wanted to come by and see our floating ghosts! Hang these from posts, tree branches, or on your porch for a fun and spooky decoration!

The ghosts dangled from the tree behind our guests as they painted their mini pumpkins.

Wow your guests with some surprise decor! One of my favorite Halloween props is the animated broom! This cute broom is motion-activated, and moves when you get close to it! It makes spooky sounds, rattles, and spin around when you wave a hand or walk close to it. The kids thought the broom was so much fun! We also set it out at trunk-or-treat, and everyone loved it! Baby S is particularly drawn to this 'boom.'

 The animated broom provided extra fun for our party guests!

We had a few other games at our party, such as pumpkin ring toss, a pinata, guess how many pieces of candy corn are in the jar, and we also had a spooky photo backdrop with photo props. It was an absolute blast, and we couldn't have pulled it off without all of the cool decor and costumes we found at Costume SuperCenter!

Want them? Get them!

Grab everything you need for a spooktacular Halloween from Costume SuperCenter!
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Special thanks to Costume SuperCenter for making this the best Halloween ever for our family & friends!


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  1. Love how the party decorations turned out! It looks like the birthday was a big hit! -Lauren


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