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Control noise while communicating with little ones!

Thank you to Lucid Audio for providing product for review. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

I am an educator as well as a mom. All too often during professional development meetings for my career my mommy heart is overjoyed at all the wonderful things my own kiddos will get to experience and sometimes my heart aches at all that I have to worry about.

During a professional development meeting we watched an introductory video about the amount of information that our brains are being inundated with by the minute. Americans in our digital age will consume more information in one week than most people, centuries ago, consumed in their lifetime. Studies are being conducted about the constant information that we have access to and its affect, if any, on one's imagination, mental health, and sensory tolerance. Children are especially at risk as they often have little control over the noise level or information that they are consuming. 

It is not unusual for my toddler to be cranky after just a few hours of a family outing. I always assumed he was just overly tired, then we introduced Lucid Audio HearMuffs to him and things changed. There was less noise to sort out but he could still hear everything he needed to.

Lucid Audio's mission is to help people hear better. They want to amplify the sounds that you want to hear and protect your hearing from noises that could be harmful to your hearing and enjoyment of daily life. Their products range from infant to adult and there is something for everyone. 

Enjoying a downtown festival in Rowan County, North Carolina 

One of the many things we love about the HearMuffs Soothe is that it muffles all of the outside noise vying for our attention but our toddler can still hear us talk to him. We have noticed a huge difference in how long he can handle an outing before getting cranky. We let him control when he wears the HearMuffs and he always chooses to wear them when we are in large crowds. He also likes to wear them when we have a lot of noise in our house. I love that he is learning to enjoy the quiet and can filter out noise. HearMuffs Soothe can be life-changing for children with sensory disorders helping them learn to control noise when they've had too much.

Details on HearMuffs Soothe 

Details on HearMuffs Sounds
My husband and I love the HearMuffs Soothe for our three year old just as much as the HearMuffs Sounds for our three-month-old little girl. Anyone with an infant knows that awful feeling when a loud noise wakes them up after you finally got them to sleep. It probably seems silly to put headphones on an infant but with Lucid Audio's soft GrowBand it adjusts perfectly and our littlest loves them. Our smiley infant, in the first photo, was enjoying the sounds of lullaby music while we were hanging pictures on our newly painted walls in the hallway. Anytime we are about to put her down for a nap in our house we put the HearMuffs Sounds on so our toddler can enjoy playing without waking his sister. Every November we go to a local air show and we were afraid we were going to miss it this year since the noise would be too much for our infant but we are so excited that we can take both kiddos and not worry about harming their hearing. 

Getting ready for a nap! 
HearMuffs Sounds includes Soothe mode so it can be switched between the two modes. An excellent option as our infant grows into a toddler we can switch to soothe mode and adjust the growband saving us from having to purchase separate HearMuffs for her. A great value! 


$49.95 / $69.95

HearMuffs Sounds or Soothe would make a great gift for the little ones in your life this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it! 

For more information about Lucid Audio, their products and to order check out their website. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Discount code! 

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Thank you Lucid Audio for the discount for our awesome readers and for allowing me to review this product! 


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