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Be Kind to Your Health with Kind Fruit Bites Review #MBPBacktoSchool

 Thank you to Kind Snacks for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

 If you're reading this and you're a mom, you know the struggle. The struggle is real, am I right? The little guy in these pictures is my 6.5-year-old son. He is such an interesting little guy in so many ways! I could go on and on, on that fact alone, but the purpose today is to talk about kids, what kids like to eat, what we want to feed them and most importantly, feeling good about those choices.
Case and point: The Struggle

Kind Snacks, like the name itself, is a company that believes in being kind to your body, your taste buds and your world (more on that later). They believe if you can't pronounce an ingredient it shouldn't go into your body and really shouldn't even be in your pantry. In this day and age, that struggle that I wrote of previously is the knowledge that we now all have at our fingertips about health and wellness and putting that knowledge into action with the choices we make as parents regarding the foods our children eat. Kind snacks help to make that decision a little easier on all of us with their nutrient-dense snack options for the entire family.

Fruit. Fruit. More fruit.

 There are quite a few varieties to choose from. Kind Snack company was kind enough to send me a generous sampling of their new fruit bites.

Notice these snacks are gluten free, Non-GMO, have no added sugar and are not made from purees or juice concentrates. There is a full serving of fruit in every single bag. You really are JUST EATING FRUIT. This will be your "go to" after school snack, lunch box snack, after a game and anytime snack! They are soft and chewy and look like a bite of dried fruit. 

Feel good about eating these bites, but also feel good about the company you are supporting. I hear more and more about people wanting to choose companies that care about doing good. Kind Snacks does. They created the KIND Foundation which emphasizes celebrating and inspiring kindness in the community. They also developed the KIND Schools Challenge which aims to empower middle and high school students to build communities that tackle issues that undermine caring. They partner with Making Caring Common (a Harvard grad school project) to provide hands-on opportunities for young people to combat these issues directly with their peers. How awesome is that? You can read more about this mission on their website as well as the pop your bubble challenge, their Kind People campaign, Kind Causes and the Entrepreneurship Summit. 

Can we just take a second to take all of that in? This company cares! 

This is my sweet hubby, Chris. He is a great big, tall man and that bag of fruit bites looks small in his hand, but the flavor is so big! He loved them. His first response was, "It tastes like I am eating the actual fruit itself."

Hey, Chris? You are!


Visit the KIND SNACKS website to see the entire selection of healthy snacks and look for them in your local grocery store! If you do not see them in the store you frequent, they are worth asking about! Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Medium for up to date information on the company!

Thank you to KIND SNACKS for allowing me to review their new fruit bites! 


  1. Love this review! I haven't seen these before so I will definitely have to keep my eyes out for them on our next grocery shopping trip. I didn't know that they had teamed up with the Making Caring Common foundation! Thanks for sharing all of that and your experience! <3 Lauren

  2. So glad you loved it, Lauren! Thanks for your sweet comment!


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