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Thank you Urthbox for providing products for review. All thoughts are 100% my own. 

It is Saturday night and there are no snacks in our house, not even a semi-rotten banana that everyone kept passing on. Our primary grocery shopping day is on Sunday and lately, with two kiddos in tow, we have been splurging on grocery pickup at our local grocery store. It makes life easier as we can just pull up and have our groceries brought to our car with no hassle. The downside to grocery pickup service is that you miss out on a lot of new products by not seeing them as you stroll down the aisles or as the toddler "accidentally" pulls them into your cart. 

If you, too, enjoy grocery pick-up or buy the same old snacks because you are afraid of trying something new then you need UrthBox. UrthBox is an affordable monthly snack subscription that delivers healthy full-size snacks to your door. 

UrthBox was created to help change eating habits in both children and adults. It is no secret that health is directly tied to what you eat and Urthbox wants to do the snack finding for you. They are committed to providing healthy delicious snacks the most convenient way possible. They have four sizes to choose from that range from mini (6+ items) to large (25+ items). You can choose a classic box of healthy snacks or be a bit more specific and go gluten-free, vegan, or low fat. 

Our Urthbox arrived and we received a small classic box that contained fourteen items. One item was a beverage, Dream Water, which is designed to help you relax to get a restful night sleep. With a very quiet infant in our house, we are nervous to try it in case we would sleep through her cries but we can't wait to try it when she is a bit bigger!  Another item was a chocolate energy vitamin that really helps around 2pm and I'm feeling sluggish. The remainder of our items were a mix of different food products. We especially loved the white cheddar popcorn and sea salt and vinegar potato chips! 

One of my favorite things about Urthbox and having a monthly snack subscription is we get to try a lot of products that we would not ordinarily choose if we were at the store and the value of all of the products is amazing. We would easily spend three times the cost of a box purchasing these same products in the store and if we didn't like them we would be stuck with them. With UrthBox you get enough to snack on without being committed to eating the same snack for a week. Some items we received we have already purchased more of at our local grocery store and others we were surprised that we liked them and would consume them again if it showed up in another box but not a product we would go looking for. 

My favorite item was the Road Crew Crunch, a blend of toasted coconut, dark chocolate, rice puffs, pretzels, and raisins. It was a little messy as the chocolate did not enjoy our 98-degree temperature on delivery day, but despite some melted chocolate, it was amazing! 

I am not a fan of beets or licorice so when I saw two products in the box that contained these ingredients I cringed a little. I was open-minded and tried both of them. I was surprised by the Beet It sport bar, the best description I have is it is like a semi-sweet vegetable granola bar. Tasty and healthy! The teapigs, liquorice and peppermint, tea was good. I like peppermint and the flavors go well together. It is naturally sweet and is excellent over ice. 

The organic hazelnut spread was loved by all in our household and paired really well with our frozen waffles that we are usually eating in the car.  Our household gets a bit motion sickness in the car so the Urthbox ginger chews and ginger cookies have been a fantastic addition to any weekend road trips. 

A convenient discovery of tasty new snacks for your busy life. 
Help change eating habits everywhere starting with you and your family. 
A pleasant surprise at your doorstep every month! 
starting at $19.99

Urthbox would make an awesome gift this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it! 

Order your snacks at Urthbox! You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Special thanks to Urthbox for providing this product for review. 


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