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Tubing the New River with Wahoo's Adventures! #daytrip

My family had never been tubing before and my Dad had the brilliant idea to go one Sunday last month while my niece and nephew were in town visiting.  I was a little worried about my parents tubing, especially my mom because she has problems with her feet and isn't a steady walker.  My Dad booked our trip with Wahoo's Advnetures and the kids were so excited! We arrived at Wahoo's ready to go.  

The parking was a little tricky because they don't have a very big lot, but we were able to find a spot.  We checked in and loaded the van to be taken up to the spot that we put our tubes in to begin our journey down the river.  The guy who drove us up was great.  He gave us all the information we needed to know for the afternoon.  And he helped my mom get down to her tube in the water because it was a steep walk down a hill to get into the river.  My Dad had paid extra for a cooler tube, but they were out.  He gave us a full size tube to put our cooler in and it was great because the kids collected a ton of river rocks.  

The water was so refreshing.  I was expecting it to be very cold, but it was perfect!  Wahoo's provided us with rope to tie all 8 of our tubes together.  My husband was the anchor and kept a hold of the end of the rope to stop us when the kids wanted to get out to play in the water (which was a lot).  Our trip down the river took 4 hours because we stopped a lot and just played in the water.  There were many spots down the river to take pictures of the kids.  We all enjoyed the time floating down the river.  I was so glad that my parents had a great time because they never do anything like that and they truly enjoyed it.  

Once we arrived back at Wahoo's, we were able to use a picnic area to grill the hot dogs that we had brought with us.  While my Dad cooked our dinner, the kids played volleyball and corn hole.  They do have showers and changing areas for those that need them after their time on the river.  We had a great day on the New River and will definitely use Wahoo's Adventures and do this again.  

Wahoo's Adventures

You can also canoe or kayak.

Aiden chilling in his tube.

Aiden and my niece Erica spent a lot of time out of their tubes playing in the water.

Aiden enjoyed climbing on the rocks.

Great pic places along the river.

If you are looking for a fun, relaxing way to tube the New River then check out Wahoo's Adventures

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