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My family loves to picnic. Well, I should say that my husband and I love to picnic. It's just one of those things that we did when we were growing up, and nothing ever sounded more fun to us than packing a picnic lunch, heading to the park, and spending time with our families. These days, it's hard to convince kids that anything other than looking at a screen is fun. We try our very best to limit screen time and make sure that we're spending quality time together as a family. When the weather is nice, taking a picnic lunch somewhere is always a go-to activity, and we have lots of picnics planned for the fall.

If you're a fan of picnicking, you're already familiar with the challenges that often come along with packing the perfect picnic. There are so many little things to remember to bring along with you, like food and drinks, plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, a tablecloth or blanket, and oh yes- there's the issue of keeping hot foods warm and cold foods cold.

D'Eco Housewares has the perfect solution to your picnic worries and woes, and it's going to change the way you think and feel about those impromptu picnics!

D’Eco’s Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket- perfect for picnics, camping, the beach, tailgating, and more!

D'Eco has perfected the family picnic basket with their smart design and ease of use. Truly, they've thought of everything when it comes to the perfect picnic basket for all of your fun adventures. This easy to carry picnic basket is perfectly lined and insulated to keep hot foods warm or cold things cold. It even has two different compartments so you can separate foods of different temperatures if you need or want to.

Check out what's included in the picnic basket!

Unzip the outer pouch to reveal everything you need to set your perfect picnic! This picnic basket comes with four plates, cups, cloth napkins, cutlery sets, and salt/pepper shakers. Everything is perfectly organized and held in place with Velcro strips for easy storage! Give a quick wash once you get home, dry, and replace so you'll be all set for your next adventure!

About the size of a medium cooler, the D'Eco Collapsible Picnic Basket takes up minimal space in the car.

The D'Eco Picnic Basket is amazing! It has adjustable carrying handles, which makes it easy for moms like me to tote around, even when they have other things to carry and sweet little hands to hold onto. The top of the basket unzips to reveal a waterproof blanket, which can be used on the ground or on a table as a tablecloth. No more toting around oversized blankets that take up too much trunk space and allow water to soak through.

Check out all of the food/drinks that we were able to bring along in our D'Eco picnic basket!

When we picnic, it's not as easy as just packing some PB & J sandwiches and drinks. My kids are picky, so I have to pack a bunch of different foods for them. Everyone got some crackers, cheese sticks, grapes and cucumber slices, ham, and we brought a few chips along. We also packed each family member their own water bottle, and a couple of extra juice boxes. Our food stayed cold, which was wonderful because it was in the high 80's the day we picnicked.

 I set the picnic table while the kids played at the playground, and it was so easy, thanks to having everything I needed right within the D'Eco picnic basket.

As I set the picnic up, a few strangers stopped over to ask me about the picnic basket. They were impressed that I was able to set a nice picnic up for my family without having to use paper plates, cutlery, napkins, etc. It certainly made us feel like our picnic was a little nicer than our past picnics have been, and it was so easy to grab what I needed without having to cart lots of extra supplies along with us.

We had a perfect picnic and a perfect afternoon, thanks in part to our new D'Eco picnic basket!

When we finished our picnic, I simply wiped the plates off with a wet wipe, and back into the basket everything went. We didn't have to worry about leftover cheese or meat spoiling because the insulated basket kept our food cold. Clean up was a snap, and after I packed everything back up, I had plenty of time to enjoy playing with the kids.

When the picnic basket isn't being used, it folds flat for easy storage. We keep it on our back porch, so we can quickly grab it when we're ready for our next family adventure. We have lots of plans for our new picnic basket this fall. We have an upcoming camping trip, a trip to the beach, and I have special plans for a nice picnic with my husband as we celebrate our anniversary this fall. This is one of the nicest picnic baskets we've ever used, and I would love to purchase a couple of these myself and gift them to family members for the holidays. I can't think of a single unit of our family who wouldn't love and use this wonderful picnic basket.


No patio furniture? No worries! Weather permitting, bring your dining experience outdoors with D’Eco’s Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket. Great for the beach, tailgates, concerts, parks, boating, hiking, camping or even concerts! Complete 30 piece set for up to 4 people. Includes water resistant blanket, 12-piece stainless steel utensil set, 4 dishwasher safe plates, 4 cotton napkins, 4 plastic glasses, a set of salt & pepper shakers, cutting board and bottle opener. Features insulated cooler compartment that will keep food hot or cold for hours. Basket includes sturdy aluminum handles with padding for carrying. Everything stays neatly organized and secure with elastic and Velcro straps holding everything in place. Both compartments are easy to clean. Comes in green or blue colors. The best part about this product is that it folds flat for easy storage!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to D'Eco Housewares to browse their wonderful selection of home goods, picnic items, and more! You'll love what you find!

Special thanks to D'Eco Housewares for allowing me to share about their perfect picnic basket. Look for them in our 2017 End of Summer Fun Guide!

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