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The Importance of Making Time for Your Spouse

Last weekend, my hubby and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding together. One of Sacha's buddies from high school and college finally found the girl of his dreams, and we were overjoyed to celebrate such a wonderful day with them. After we sent in our RSVP for the wedding a few months ago, Sacha's friend said, 'We'll be so excited to see you, and we're really looking forward to meeting your kids!' After Sacha told me this, I felt slightly guilty. You see, we had already decided not to bring the kids along to the wedding.

It may sound selfish, but we know our kids. If we brought them to the wedding, the little one would be crying for mommy's 'bup' and I wouldn't be able to wear a cute dress... she would constantly be asking to nurse. Our older child would be bored, and he wouldn't be shy about letting anyone know it. He'd be crying for a phone to play on or tablet to watch. We'd be the ones having to get up from our seats during the ceremony, and standing near the back with our wiggle worms. We wouldn't have been able to enjoy the reception, with the lovely sit-down dinner, dancing, and endless cocktails. We wouldn't have been able to hear the toasts and speeches. We wouldn't have been able to catch up with old friends around the bonfire, or send the happy couple off with a gigantic arch of sparklers once it became dark, and we probably would have had to leave early.

So yeah, we left the kids at home with Sacha's mom, and those few hours that we got to spend alone were glorious. It had been months since we last had a night out together. We got to talk, we laughed, we drank, and were reminded that we're still 'us.' 

When we got home later that night, we kissed our babies, who were sound asleep, and were greeted with big smiles and hugs when they woke up the next morning. I soaked in that moment, loving every second. I missed them while we were away from them, but I also miss my husband a lot of the time, even when we're sitting right next to each other. We promised each other to build in more 'us time,' and to be better about not feeling so guilty about leaving the kids for just a few hours. The time apart is good for them, and it's good for us. We're looking forward to a family trip to VA next weekend, and then I'll be looking forward to a couple of days away with just my hubby as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary in November. Finding the right balance isn't always easy, but we know how imprtant it is to find that time to celebrate our relationship, even if it means being alone every now and then.

When was the last time you had a date with your spouse or significant other? 
If you're a parent, do you ever feel guilty about leaving your kids?

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