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Take a Good Look Around #Motivational Monday

During the last few weeks of August, I felt like I might have been losing my mind. Every little thing that wasn't quite right made me feel so frustrated. When things didn't go as planned, instead of just accepting the hiccup and moving along, I felt like maybe the world was out to get me. Looking back, I have a hunch that it might have been some anxiety about the end of summer and the girls going back to school.

It's easy for chaos to sneak in. All it takes is one little rotten thought to get it rolling. One great way of getting rid of it, is finding a way to change your perspective. Sometimes, a nice walk can do wonders. Long scenic drives are pretty wonderful too. The day before school started, we went on a train ride. There's just something about catching glimpses of areas we don't usually get to see that brings about this sense of awe and gratefulness in me.

The world is pretty amazing. Take a look around and find something that you can be thankful for. If your day is especially difficult, go for a walk/drive/train ride, and find just one thing to be appreciative of. Look around and be grateful. 

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