Surprisingly Favorable Alternatives To Your Favorite Apps


If Madonna was living in a material world and she was a material girl, then who can doubt that we’re all now digital girls who claim permanent residency in a digital world. In today’s fast paced digital world we entrust our every activity to internet based apps and services.

We entrust our shopping to online stores, our medical care to Web MD, our personal friendships to social media and even our love lives to Tinder. This post isn’t intended to denigrate online services, far from it. It would be churlish to deny the flexibility and convenience that these digital doohickeys bring to our work and home lives. What we should guard against, however, is becoming so ensconced in our online activities that we are oblivious when a new and superior alternative comes along. Here, I’ve compiled some surprisingly favorable alternatives to our favorite websites and digital services which you may find edifying…

Don’t use MS Word, use Google Docs

There was a time when you bought Microsoft Office on a disc. Now Microsoft peddles its quintessential office platform as a subscription service. You can circumvent this by using MS Office online for which all you need is an account, but you needn’t bother since Google has a far more efficient alternative. Google Docs is a more user-friendly alternative to MS Word that not only has a better interface but allows for easier collaboration. With Google docs, numerous contributors can collaborate on a document, making notes and amendments that are color coded for added transparency and convenience.

Don’t use eBay, use DealDash

You could be forgiven for thinking that eBay has cornered the market when it comes to competitive shopping, but DealDash is hot on its heels. You can read what consumers say about DealDash on Trustpilot right here: Unlike eBay, Dealdash has no minimum bid price and offers free shipping on all auctioned items. It also provides bidders who did not win on a bid to buy the same item at full price.

Don’t share images with Instagram, use Vero

Unlike Instagram, Vero endeavors to make interactions on its platform more like real life and a big part of this lies in building privacy settings into every post. Instead of the blanket term ‘followers’, Vero users are allowed to differentiate those who consume their content between acquaintances, friends and close friends demonstrating a level of privacy control that’s impossible to achieve on Instagram and takes a lot of fiddling with settings on Facebook or Twitter. Content can even be kept completely private for personal use or storage purposes.

Don’t date on Tinder, use Bumble

In our increasingly busy and insular lives, many single parents use digital apps to give them a leg up in the dating game, but any woman who has used Tinder recently know what a hotbed of “hey bb wanna hook up?” messages and unsolicited inappropriate images it has become. Bumble has a similarly easy to use interface to Tinder but puts women in the driving seat as they make the first contact. Yay! No more deluges of random messages from weirdos! Plus it has unlimited ‘swpies’, no paid upgrades and tends to attract nicer, less aggressive men.

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