Sunday Musings- What I Want to See On Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon

I have a running list of shows that I would love to one day share with the girls. Over the last couple of months we've introduced the girls to shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Webster, and even Are You Afraid of the Dark? (only D, we feel R is still a little too young). The thing is, once we watched those shows, it kind of made me even more nostalgic for the television shows of my childhood. Shows like Mr. Wizard's World, My Two Dads, and Clarissa Explains it All.  I add different shows to my list often, especially with reminders, like this one, that show up on Facebook. Instead of sharing my entire list with you, because this post might never end if I did, here are 5 of shows I'd love to see streaming on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Video...

1. Clarissa Explains It All- The show that introduced many of us to the wonderful Melissa Joan Hart. I adored this show and would love to introduce it to the girls, especially since D was so fond of Melissa's portrayal of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Plus, SAM! 

2. Small Wonder- Her name was Vicki, she was a robot, and for some reason it made for some pretty great (80s) television. I still remember the theme song and think D would really enjoy this show, especially since she has shown interest in an upcoming new show with a strikingly similar concept (Some shade intended).

My Two Dads Poster
3. My Two Dads- Looking back, I'm sure parts of this show went over my head, but I had a crush on Greg Evigan and thought "Nicole" was so cool.  I didn't necessarily want to be like her, but I probably would not have minded if I was.  

4.  Mr. Wizard's World- I didn't fully appreciate this show when it was on, but as an adult I miss preparing for the day while watching this show. I don't think there is currently anything like it on the air and I'm sure both of my girls would love it if there were. 

5. Dinosaurs- 3 Words: "NOT THE MAMA". This show was pretty great and I really appreciated the humor of a family of dinosaurs living like a human family would.  

So, these are just five of the shows on my list, but I'd love to add more. Be sure to leave a comment below with shows you want to see on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. If there is a show on any of the three that you grew up with and want to share, please do!

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